A must-have travel gadget

I have a small box with plug adaptors but even so I never seem to have the right one and end up buying one at the airport on departure. So when Father Christmas gave me a must-have travel gadget I realised all my travel problems (in the plug department) were solved.

4-1-travel-plug-adaptorThe 4-in-1 Adapter plug comes in 4 different coloured coded parts which fit together like a Rubik’s cube but much more simply (I could never do the Rubik’s cube). Each colour represents various countries and on the box it tells you the relevant countries. So this little gadget works in 150 countries.

As it is so brightly coloured I shouldn’t lose it and I keep it in my suitcase ready for my next trip abroad.

Santa forgot to add the Round-the-World ticket but hey-ho I still love my adaptor!

A great gift for a young person off on their gap year trip.