4 brilliant things we have found recently that we MUST share with you

We are always on the lookout for new products that we think lots of our readers will appreciate. This week Grace and I have found 4 brilliant things that might make your life or someone you know’s life easier. From single application nail varnish to decorative crutches.

ORLY BREATHABLE NAIL VARNISH (all in one basecoat, colour, topcoat)

ORLY’s Breathable Nail Varnish; a two-in-one treatment and colour that glides on effortlessly and dries quickly. No need for base coat or top coat.

Infused with Argan Oil, Vitamin C and Pro-Vitamin B5, the nail polish nourishes and strengthens natural nails, whilst delivering the benefits of a base coat and top coat for a long-wearing, chip-resistant finish. Features the brand’s patented Gripper Cap™ for easy opening, ultimate control and mistake-free application.

“Totally brilliant nail varnish that has changed my everyday nail care as so simple to apply. It also keeps my nails in good condition. I have two colours- for everyday ‘Kiss me, I’m kind’ and for party time ‘Namaste Healthy’ – so I am all set. Perfect to pop in your suitcase – 1 pot does it all.”


To purchase from Amazon £10.49 click HERE.

COOL CRUTCHES as ‘worn’ by Amanda Holden and Prue Leith

Amanda Holden

On 15th October 2005 mother & daughter duo Clare & Amelia’s lives were flipped upside down when Amelia suffered a spinal injury following a quad bike accident. After immediately losing all feeling from her waist down, Amelia regained strength but faced a new life, reliant on walking aids. At this point, the pair were confronted with a gap in the market and set about designing the most comfortable, safe and stylish crutches & walking sticks on the market to offer those reliant on walking aids, a fun alternative which reflected their personality before their injury or disability. They called their company Cool Crutches – the name fits the product so well.

Prue Leith
  • They’re comfortable – designed for a left and right hand, with a moulded plastic handled coupled with a soft cushioned neoprene grip to ensure blisters are a thing of the past! 
  • They’re silent – fitted with two height adjustable points which are secured by clips not springs to ensure there is no clicking when you’re walking.
  • They’re lightweight – easy to lift, comfortable as a result and not arduous to have as an every day pair of crutches.
  • They’re available in any design you choose – whether you wish to choose from their standard range of colours and prints or opt for custom crutches, we can create any design you would like. 

For more info view HERE.

LIVE WELL by Dr. Patricia Macnair

100 simple ways to live a better and longer life.

This is a pick up and read a page-a-day book. It is written by a leading medical expert specialising in active ageing and based on the latest scientific research.

It contains 100 pieces of inspirational advice to boost health and happiness, including tips on diet, exercise and mental health.

I am not into New Year’s resolutions as I think they are only there to be broken. Thus they make you feel more deflated. However I have taken this book and each morning, as I drink my smoothie, I read a page. Some of the tips you may already know so it will just be a reinforcement of these. However many such as ‘making a mole map’ (tip 26). Then there is the list of different herbs (tip 33) that can help with health issues were instructive. I have a sage bush in the garden and I now pop a couple of sage leaves in my smoothie as sage is anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and a good source of anti-oxidants. Must be good for me.

Read tip no. 16 about the polypill which if taken from age 55 yrs could extend life by as much as 12 years. It has scientifically been proven to slash the rate of deaths from heart attack or stroke by 80%.

Recently I have been walking my dogs around midday. If we do have sun, that is the time we seem to get it. On my return, having washed all the mud off the dogs I put them in the dog room to dry. And, exhausted from their walk, they take a nap. I have now taken to having a siesta myself for 25 minutes (tip 46). Any more will affect your sleep at night. I can honestly say it really helps. I wake feeling refreshed and invigorated with less likelihood of having that 4pm sugar craving.

A great book to give to your girlfriends.

To purchase from Amazon £8.73 click HERE.

FRESHPAPER – Natural Food Saver Sheets

These are a real discovery for me as I always have lots of fruit and vegetables in the house. Thank you to Not Dressed as Lamb blogger for this tip. These sheets can be popped in a fridge drawer, inside a carton of berries, inside a bag of salad, or in the bottom of the fruit bowl.

They’re not cheap at £5.99 for 8 sheets. However they last quite a while, can be reused several times and will save you a ton of money by stopping food going to waste. They’re also brilliant because they’re biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable. 

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To purchase from Amazon click HERE.