5 simple tricks I learned on my detox

A few weeks ago I decided to flit off to Austria for a detox. We had literally just moved house and, to be honest, I found the stresses and strains of moving warranted a relaxing break. Of course, I could have grabbed some winter sun somewhere but I decided to book myself in for a hardcore detox. Husband gamely volunteered to drive me to the airport – I say gamely because I had a very early flight. So we were up at 4.15am and it was only as we neared Gatwick that I realised I had left my specs behind. No problem I reasoned, I had contact lenses. More of that later. My reason for writing this article is to tell you these 5 simple tricks I learned on my detox.

5 tricks I learned on my detox / CountryWives online magazine

5 tricks I learned on my detox / CountryWives online magazineMy destination was Viva Mayr near Salzburg. I realise that a hardcore detox is not everyone’s cup of herb tea, but the principles of cleansing your digestive system really do work. Having detoxed several times before, I settled in easily – to the routine of having circa 600 calories per day, Epsom salts to clear out my system and a glorious amount of swanning around in my dressing gown all day with plenty of time to read, sleep, relax and do absolutely bugger all. The weight fell off, my stomach was (a bit) flatter, my skin clearer and plumper and I felt great. So what are the lessons learnt that I can share with you all?

Well I’m sure that most CW readers aren’t that interested in such a regime, but some of the Mayr principles are well worth knowing and are much more easily included into a healthy lifestyle. They are:

5 tricks I learned on my detox / CountryWives online magazineONE: SMALL PORTIONS It is amazing how little we actually need to eat every day. Use smaller plates so that your reduced portion looks bigger than it actually is. Sounds odd but try eating your soup with a teaspoon – takes longer but you feel fuller quicker.

5 tricks I learned on my detox / CountryWives online magazineTWO: EAT MINDFULLY Eat slowly and chew your food for as long as you can. Value every delicious mouthful rather than just getting it down your neck! Put your cutlery down between mouthfuls – this really helps you concentrate on what you are eating (rather than hurrying to get the next mouthful off a poised fork).

THREE: EXERCISE Yes, that old chestnut but did you know that just 10 minutes brisk walking every day will do the trick? Preferably in the fresh air with lots of grass, trees and mentally stimulating nature around you.

FOUR: REST YOUR LIVER Give yourself two alcohol-free days a week, which will let your liver recover.

FIVE: CURB SUGAR INTAKE If you like sugar, eat less of it. Use honey or maple syrup on your food instead. Don’t keep biscuits, chocolates or other indulgences in your house unless you have really good self control and can happily restrain yourself from scoffing the lot in one sitting (like I tend to do!)

Oh yes, I did learn one more lesson. As alluded to earlier, I made the serious error of forgetting to pack my specs. I am extremely short sighted you see. Like blind as a bat short sighted. And, wearing my contacts for so many hours every day gave me conjunctivitis. So I had to fly home early. Oops.


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