5 useful household tips for flowers, ants and spiders

I don’t know about you but the amount of  household tips people have given me over the years is countless. But do I remember them? I’m afraid only a handful have remained in my head, mainly because I have tried and tested them.

So, first let us talk about flowers. I love roses too but hardly ever bought them because the moment I put them in a vase their heads drooped. A cashier in Waitrose has solved that problem. She told me that as soon as you arrive home put them into a container of boiling water and I mean boiling! 3-4 cm of the stems immersed is enough. Leave them about 15 minutes then cut the ends which have been in the boiling water and place them in a vase with cold water. My roses now last at least a week sometimes more.

I love tulips too. Although they look like gracious ballet dancers I prefer them upright, at least for a few days. Adding a 1 or 2 pence coin and little water into the vase just does that. They love water and drink a lot so you need to add some almost everyday especially if they are in a warm place in your house.

My next tip is about getting rid of ants. I have nothing against them as long as they stay where they belong to. If they happen to invade your house, sprinkle the area with cinnamon powder and they will run miles away. I have tried and tested this method several times.

I have nothing against spiders either but I definitely do not want to see them in my house. I had my carpet cleaned a few weeks ago by a very knowledgeable carpet cleaner. There was nothing he did not know when the subject was carpets. He told me that placing conkers in the corners of rooms will prevent spiders lurking around. I will try this and hope it works.

My last tip is a home-made face exfoliator. Mix a table spoon of greek yogurt with one teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda. Spread it on your face. Let it dry and exfoliate. I have tried this on holiday and it worked.

I will do my best to remember other useful household tips and report back in due time.

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6 years ago

To stop tulips drooping, just pierce the stem with a pin about 1 inch down from the bloom. Your tulips will stay ramrod straight!

Annabel & Grace
6 years ago
Reply to  Anna

Thanks Anna, we’ll try that one… best wishes, Grace

6 years ago

Any else have any bright ideas ? THere’s something about cleaning silver cutlery in a pan with tinfoil and something or other – but it has never yet worked for me. Any updates on that most welcome !