A Few Fun Ideas and Top Products for Women Over 50

One distinct benefit of this pandemic is that we have more time to spend chatting with our friends. I am really enjoying talking for longer and having more indepth, meaningful conversations. They usually include sharing good ideas and tips for women over 50 so, as ever, I’d like to share some lightbulb moments with you…

Who’d like a better night’s sleep?

Many of us have been hit badly by underlying stress since the pandemic began and this has often manifested itself by way of erratic sleep patterns. Cult brand Lumity kindly gave us their innovative, vegan Restful Nights Booster supplement to try. Our reviewer has taken them on and off for the past month and reports back that they definitely help with making one slightly drowsy and subsequently improved the quality of their sleep. Just one soft gel capsule at bedtime (you can take two if you prefer) is all you seem to need. MORE INFO

The funny side of Menopause (yes, there is one!)

Davina McCall has joined forces with a clothes designer to come up with a very funny sweatshirt. Warning – has rude words! Also available as a t-shirt. Visit the Crudelydrawn website to see the small print SHOP NOW

Fragrant flowers…

Who wouldn’t love this elegant rose in their garden? It will treat you to a profusion of large, well-scented flowers continuously throughout the summer. Plant it in a border or in a pot on your patio. The flowers last for ages after being cut and added to a vase. Or perhaps a thoughtful gift for your mother on 14 March. The Mum In a Million rose. Crocus MORE INFO

An injection of positivity

Need cheering up? Ring/email/ or meet up on a (socially distanced) walk with the most positive person you know. And if you’re short on uplifting people try being one of them – like attracts like and you might make someone else’s day a bit better.

The magic of the genie

Marvellous-Mother-In-Law mentioned Leather Genie balsam to me after we’d completed a particular muddy walk. So I hopped onto Amazon (as you do) and treated myself to some and now my boots are shining, waterproofed and nourished. And not just Dubarrys. It’s equally good on, for example, leather furniture and leather coats. Apply with the sponge supplied – no buffing required. Marvellous stuff. Amazon SHOP NOW

Are you ready to komoot?

At the very real risk of repeating myself, I’m a firm believer in a daily walk in the fresh air. Not always easy to do when it’s grey drizzle outside but dress for the weather and we’re fine and get back home feeling really, really glad we made it outside the front door. I often walk with girlfriends and they will tell you that my navigation is appalling which is why I am always the follower, never the leader.

But then, on recommendation, I downloaded Komoot and now I have a new found confidence as I’m now able to go solo-exploring. It tells me exactly where I am and how to get back home! Apparently it’s great if you cycle because it gives voiced directions as you are pedalling along for Britain. And it’s FREE! MORE INFO

Rhyme and Reason

A new eco-friendly haircare brand

As someone with fine hair, I’ve been a (very) long time user of Aussie volume shampoo and conditioner. So I’m cautious when it comes to trying other brands. Even when the recommendation to try a new eco-friendly brand – Rhyme & Reason – came from my friend Lou whose judgement I trust.

Well, Lou was right. I’ve been using R&R for a week now and it gives me the same body as my beloved Aussie products do. It has a dense foam and a very pleasant fresh fragrance. The 100% recyclable packaging is easy to use in the shower ie when your hands are wet. My hair feels squeaky clean and volumised. But what has me sold, is that the next day my hair still looks great (shiny and bouncy) – usually it goes a bit stringy and flyaway. The range covers all hair types and is sold at Boots – special offer available as I’m writing this BUY NOW

An intuitive razor

No need for shaving foam with this razor

Last but not least, Mandy wanted to let you all know about a really good razor that she has discovered:

Having used various razors, husband’s shaving foam, soap and even hair conditioner whilst shaving my legs and other more intimate bits and bobs over the years, and eventually becoming disillusioned with everything I tried, I recently found and have been very impressed with the Wilkinson Sword Intuition Women’s Razor.

I like the idea that you do not have to use it with shaving foam and that it moisturises the skin whilst you shave, utilising fragrant ingredients such as aloe vera and vitamin E.  As soon as you add water to the razor head it softens the moisturising block which glides on to the skin effortlessly. This is in part due to the pivoting head which seems to prevent cuts and nicks. It leaves your legs soft and smooth and is much easier to use than a regular razor and shaving foam.

I was thrilled to find that the first blade has lasted me about 8 months.  I only shave once a week, so perhaps not as often as some, but was very pleased that it lasted this length of time.”

Available from Boots SHOP NOW

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