Let’s help those with A.I.

I am lucky enough not to suffer from a sensitive bladder but I know so many people who do and how much it afflicts their daily life. I am therefore thrilled that the CountryWives are supporting this campaign, by Always Discreet, to lift the taboo in women’s health on sensitive bladders. 1 in 3 women in the UK suffer from this condition but probably suffer in silence.  Maybe they feel ashamed or less attractive. Whatever the reason, we need to make others aware and hope that they may help their friends to seek advice as there is much that can be done to help this distressing complaint.

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GP Dr. Sarah Jarvis is an Always Discreet campaign ambassador. She is committed to removing the stigma around bladder sensitivity. She explains, Urinary incontinence may be the last taboo, but it is incredibly common, especially among women who’ve gone through childbirth or menopause. However, lots of women are still uncomfortable sharing their experiences, even with trusted confidantes.”

We asked around and one of our very good friends told us how bladder sensitivity affects her:
“I was at junior school when I first noticed that something wasn’t quite right. I was dressed up as a fairy in green crepe paper for the school play and whilst I was on stage, my friend made me laugh….horror…I found myself doing a pee and couldn’t stop it! Of course I denied that it was me who had made a large wet puddle on the stage floor but the wet green dye from the crepe paper running down my legs said otherwise! Of course, this was followed by mocking chants from other children in my class just to let everyone in the school know what I had done. Since then, I have had many occasions when I just couldn’t hold my bladder…..it is always when I am laughing uncontrollably…terribly embarrassing. I also have to cross my legs when I sneeze, even if I have just been to the loo. It is very debilitating.”

Dr Sarah also says: “I’m hugely passionate about encouraging women to have a conversation with their family or close friends and most importantly their GP. As well as talking about the condition, there are simple lifestyle changes women can try too including frequent pelvic floor exercises, drinking less caffeinated drinks and finding the right specialist products for you.

Inspired by the stories of real women across the country, UK film director Flora Berkeley has partnered with Always Discreet to create a ground-breaking documentary, Our Story. This aims to give a voice to the very many women suffering from adult incontinence or A.I. as it is also known. These five women are so brave to talk about AI on film. But thanks to them and their honesty, it will help others and hopefully empower millions to find out more in order to enable them to live a normal life.

As Dr Sarah mentions above, there are specialist products available that can help women experiencing bladder leaks take back control of their lives. Some of them are designed for women who want to live a full and active lifestyle. Always Discreet Liners and Pads are so thin they will allow you to exercise and take part in sport with absolute confidence. They have an absorbent core that quickly turns into gel, removing leaks and odour in seconds.

For more advice and product information go to always-info.co.uk. or read our previous post which features some fantastic tips on handling a sensitive bladder.

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