A weekend of Doodle(s)

I said I wouldn’t, OH and I vowed not to ever do it again, we announced to our friends that we weren’t going to, but we have folded and, after an emotional conversation (read blackmail), with our youngest son and daughter we have agreed to get another puppy – a Doodle!

A weekend of Doodle(s)What can I write to restore your faith in my word? Nothing I think. I have to admit to being weak, emotionally susceptible to my children’s wishes and all I can say, to justify my weakness, is that it has made our family very happy to hear the words, “we have bought a puppy and he is arriving during the first week of May.”

A weekend of Doodle(s)It was just one of those instances where fate played a hand in our decision. Our beloved Field Spaniel, Fudge, died on Valentine’s day and whilst we had another dog, Barney, both he and our children did not like the void that the death of Fudge had left. Whilst OH and I are enjoying the company of just one dog who is small and fits in anywhere, we are in a minority. So when we met youngest son and daughter for lunch on Saturday we were ambushed. The breed of dog that we wanted was established, an Australian Double Doodle, which is not a breed really but a mongrel however a very fine mongrel – an Australian Labradoodle crossed with a Golden Doodle (a Golden Retriever/Poodle cross)! We started to search for puppies that were available soon (son wants to bond with it during the university summer holidays) and believe it or not, as we searched, a litter was advertised 3 seconds before we went online. That was fate no. 1 and then fate no. 2 occurred when we walked into town on Sunday afternoon and coincidentally met one aged 21 weeks. Up until that moment OH was not sold on our choice of breed but immediately fell in love (see pic on right) and you can understand why. So then there was the frantic researching of references for the breeder, a long telephone conversation with the said breeder where we were both interviewing each other. Finally an exchange of a deposit and the family were informed – there was much whooping with delight.

A weekend of Doodle(s)Two trips are planned to Lancashire (255 miles according to Google maps) – why aren’t they ever bred nearby? Finally a dusting off of the required cage, a cancelling of all social engagements for May and June and we are ready to roll. Now begins the fight over the name but as it is going to be my son’s dog then he will get the final vote. At least it is a good time to get a puppy, the sun will shine, hopefully, so house training will be easier than a winter puppy and the joy he will bring will outweigh the hard work!

Still as my children show no sign of giving us any grandchildren we shall have to make do with our Double Doodle!


  1. Good luck Annabel with your new arrival to the family. We took the plunge into puppy world in January, having lost our beloved Chester in July last year .
    We have another Golden Retriever ,our 5th, brilliant dogs!.
    Our son also took the responsibility to name said puppy.the breeder had named the pup Nelson, but as our son is in the Army, Nelson became Wellington.
    I am not so keen on the early mornings however!

    • Yes we love golden retrievers but too big for us so this is a great compromise as it has golden retriever in its bloodline so lots of the wonderfully warm characteristics of this breed. I am off walking on Tuesday with a friend and her Golden Retriever who is such a lovely kind dog. Annabel

  2. The puppy looks SO cute! And as you say, May is an excellent time to be on puppy duties. I know what you mean about sticking with one – I have more or less decided I am since my beloved field spaniel Molly died last year; Erin is happy getting all the attention now! – but in your position I think you won’t regret it! Keep us all posted! Happy Sunday!

    • Now that we have made the commitment we are very excited and it has given as my son says “an injection of life into our family who have been experiencing a lot of painful deaths”! Will be posting more pics as puppy grows. Annabel

  3. Dear Annabel, I’m so very happy for you and the family! Nothing invigorates a home like adding the energy and personality of a new puppy. Wishing you all the best. And looking forward to seeing the pictures! xoxo

    • Will definitely be posting pics when we have chosen our puppy which we are doing early April. Now that we have made the decision to have a new puppy we are all looking forward to it – making the decision was the hardest part as I know how much work is involved albeit very rewarding!
      Annabel xxx

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