“Age is No Barrier. It’s a Limitation You Put On Your Mind.”

I’ve been contemplating age recently more than ever, maybe as I am approaching my 55th birthday (half way through!). I was trying to work out in my mind what age really means in our Western culture, and at what age are we classed as old?

“Age is no barrier. It’s a limitation you put on your mind.”

I came across this inspirational quote by one of the all-time great women athletes, Jackie Joyner-Kersee. It really resonated with me.

Age, I believe, really is all in the mind. The more barriers we put upon ourselves, the less we do – or achieve.

This week Madonna, age 61, has just released a new track. I’ve got to say I actually think it’s one of her best ever – the latin vibe really gets those hips swinging.

Also last weekend Eileen Noble aged 84 finished the Virgin London Marathon! What an incredible achievement.

However not all of us (including myself currently) are able or blessed with such rude health. But we can still believe, dream and achieve. Whatever your dream is, go for it. If you weren’t able to fulfil all your goals when younger, due to work, family commitments or lack of finance, well maybe now’s your time.

I often think what will I look back on when I’m older? Probably the experiences – the travel and the good times with loved ones – not how big my house is or how much I have in the bank.

The best time to do anything is always now.

So if you’ve always wanted to go to the Far East and walk the Great Wall of China, go on a canal barge down the waterways of Oxford, or take up a new hobby, then now is the right time.

There are people who are old at 30 and those that are young at 80. Age should never be a barrier. However as we get older it’s more important than ever to keep ourselves healthy, both physically and mentally.

There’s much research and evidence being collated currently because we are living in an ageing world. There has never been as many people over 50 living on the planet.

I’ve mentioned it before but there are key components to ageing well. One of the best authorities on the process is the writer and commentator on ageing Dan Beuttner’s Bluezones book.

But remember it’s up to you how you age. It’s one of the things that you really can influence immensely with a healthy lifestyle.

So go for that walk…

Meet that friend for a coffee…

Write that book…

And if you feel like it… walk up that mountain.

There’s no time like the present!

Have a wonderful week ladies… best wishes, Lesley

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