What happened to my swanlike neck?

ageing neckI don’t exactly know what happened but one day my neck was reasonably swanlike, the next it looked like it belonged to a turkey. Sooner or later of course, our necks will change for the worse. Some of us get puffy, others stringy and some, like me, massively wrinkly. Try as I might, holding my head back to straighten out my ageing neck simply makes me look snooty!

There are quite a few things you can do to improve your neck – check out my VLOG How to Be Less Turkey and More Swan for some of them.

However, as the delicate skin around the neck develops wrinkles faster than the face, I am beginning to wish I had moisturised more. It is amazing how many of us religiously slather creams onto our faces, but forget our necks and decolletage. I have, over the last few months, been remembering to moisturise my neck as well as my face. There has been a considerable improvement.

ageing neckThen I tried NIOD’s Neck Elasticity Catalyst. It comes in an unprepossessing little brown bottle. Anyhow, every morning I unscrew the silver lid and dip my finger into what looks egg yolk and smells medical. It absorbs easily and doesn’t feel too unctuous or sticky. Best of all, after a few weeks of using it (a little of this gel like substance seems to go far) I have noticed a difference in my neck. Don’t get me wrong, it is still wrinkly, but the wrinkles look softer, more diffused. My skin feels soft and beautifully moisturised too.

Apparently the efficacy of this gel is down to its ingredients which include a number of potent peptides that, while expensive, could help to increase the skin’s firmness. Perhaps that explains the price which is pretty hefty at £50. Other ingredients include glycerin which helps the skin maintain moisture, making it feel plumper, and silicones which help to smooth the skin and improve the neck’s appearance. Whatever the ingredients are, I will miss using this Catalyst once it has all gone. I have come to like using it and find it reassuring. However, it’s probably pretty safe to say that so long as you moisturise your neck every day, it won’t much matter what cream you use…