Annabel chats with stylist Maggie McMillan about changing shopping habits

On a wonderful sunny day, this week, I met up with Maggie McMillan, personal branding and style consultant, to chat about current trends. Maggie is our age and has decades of experience in the fashion industry. She also understand the style challenges that women of our age face.

Annabel chats with stylist Maggie McMillan about changing shopping habits

In the first part of our two-part series I chatted with Maggie McMillan about how our fashion shopping habits have changed due to this past 3 month lockdown, and how the fashion brands are also responding to the change in our direction.

Will we return to the high street? How will brands respond to entice us back? Has this pandemic given the fashion industry a shake-up? These are all questions I put to Maggie. Watch the video at the bottom of this post to find out Maggie’s answers.

Personally both Grace and I have found that Lockdown has changed the way we shop for clothes. We obviously need less, and it has given us time to really sort through our wardrobes. and discard anything that doesn’t work. There is no point in hanging onto something if you don’t truly love it as you will never wear it and will always choose a similar item that does make you feel good.

Visiting our high street and browsing in shops, a British pastime, may become a thing of the past especially now that masks are compulsory. Shops have therefore had to change the way they work in order to entice their customers back in. There is a definite need for a blend of online and high street shopping as the former is very convenient but we don’t want the latter to disappear so we must support our high street.

I recorded my chat with Maggie McMillan to share with all of you. The second instalment which we will publish next week focuses on style. Maggie is a style consultant and has worked with women of every age, size, shape and budget so she has some invaluable tips. So don’t miss out on Maggie’s Style Tips for Mature Women! Subscribe to our free newsletter by clicking HERE and you will receive it straight to your inbox.

Please excuse background noise but the river was full of revellers

Maggie’s details are as follows: Her website is , Instagram ~ and email address ~ So if you have any style queries or want to join the MM Style Club then do get in touch with Maggie. She is very approachable and helpful.

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2 years ago

I miss browsing – much as I have embraced online shopping I have returned quite a few things because the fabric has been horrible. Sometimes you just have to see something and handle it to know it’s not right for you. Also casting your eye over rails is so much faster than trawling through endless pages online. Also the joy of browsing and finding that item you weren’t looking for but know you’ve got to have (sigh sigh). Now I just feel guilty if I touch something in a store and decide it’s not for me.

2 years ago

Love Maggie’s style
You wouldn’t happen to know where her fab dress is from by any chance?
Best wishes to you
Jo x