Annabel has a high Saturday Night Fever….

Phew Husband is home – 10 days is too long for me doing the single mum and the single lady on the party scene……I am so happy he is back!


My last foray into the party scene was on Saturday when some friends, locally, threw a 70’s party. As always I only looked at the dress code on the day and realised that it was Discotastic! (Our host is a bit of a 70’s/80’s music fan). So it was off to my daughter’s wardrobe to see if there was anything suitable in the mini world and then the challenge would be to fit into it. I found an excuse for a dress in gold lame which, when dressed up with high heel boots and leather jacket, made me look quite the part or so I thought. But when I came out to of the bedroom Youngest Son exclaimed that I looked like a P********* but Eldest Son calmed me by saying “was I off to a disco?”.

As I teetered towards the entrance of the party (high heels were giving me a bit of a challenge in the walking stakes) without the arm of my OH to lean on, I worried that maybe everyone else was going sensibly dressed for this time of year and for their advanced years and I would look, as my son described me, like a ‘good time girl’! However with much relief I saw that there was many a man attempting to look like John Travolta in those tight bottomed trousers with bell flares! Most of them were also sporting a Brian May style wig, maybe because there was little left of their own and what there was was a giveaway, colour wise, that the 70’s was a long time ago! One lady came sporting a pregnancy bump as she remembers being like that for most of that era – a clever costume, though later on in the evening she had lost the bump in what was, as she described, a quick and easy birth, not as she remembered the earlier ones!

When the disco played the inevitable Saturday Night Fever we all hit the dance floor and cut some moves that were probably best left in the 70’s (children of host and hostess looked on in horror though later joined in and showed us how it should be done!) Hips were not quite so able to do the full swivel, knees failed some but what we lacked in agility we made up for with enthusiasm and I am sure we all thought we were still rather hot! The DJ later played Stayin’ Alive which was more probably more age appropriate and there was little evidence that any of us were giving up anytime soon!

There was one awkward moment, during Rock Around The Clock, when the good doctor and his wife took to the floor with great enthusiasm to give their all with some rock and roll, however there had been a few pounds added, as they later told me, since they had last practised these moves and so the momentum was greater and there was a nasty moment when they lost their balance, flew across the dance floor taking my legs from under me and we ended up in a heap with me sitting on the doctor’s face!

So the gold lame dress got me through and saw a lot of action though as I tottered home at 2 a.m. I read a text from Youngest Daughter telling me “By the Way Mum, it isn’t a dress but more of a top though I am sure you have realised that by now”. Message back to daughter – “Nope cos that is how short we wore our dresses then”! And I won’t repeat the reply I received but let’s just say I am suitably admonished and I am back in twin set and pearls baking cakes, but it was worth it as they were good times and the memories live on hot and strong!!