Annabel’s nest is empty & very quiet

Monday is my day to blog but since I am going to London on Monday I am writing this on a Sunday evening which is never a good time for me, particularly in winter (don’t know why the time of year makes it worse). Anyway it is my job to start the chat for the week and for me it has to be the subject of Empty Nesting…….which on a Sunday evening always seems worse and particularly for me today as all my children plus their friends came home for eldest son’s 31st birthday and yes you guessed it they have all gone now. Also the OH is off to China for 10 days, at the end of this week, so I think I qualify for empty nest syndrome. If I suffered from that other syndrome, SAD, (something to do with lack of sunlight) I would be able to sit under a lamp but what do you do if you are suffering from lack of children? Should I go out to somewhere where there a lot of kids and try and engage in conversation with them because that is what I miss, their hilarious conversation about their whirlwind lives, their loves or lack of, their parties, new clubs or restaurants they have been to, people they have met.

This week eldest daughter went to the memorial of the much loved father of one of her closest girlfriend’s and Gordon Brown spoke and Stevie Wonder sang. I have never even seen Stevie Wonder in concert or been to a memorial where anyone more important than the vicar, or perhaps a Bishop, or a close, elderly friend gave the eulogy. When they ask me what I have been up to I can only rustle up Bridge, Nordic walking and maybe a trip to the cinema as my highlights. To be honest I am quite content with these pastimes, I have had my fun and their lives sound infinitely more exotic but exhausting and so I am happy to just listen to their tales!

I know that we are meant to say that, as your children leave home, one is ready for it i.e. it feels like time to slow down and enjoy some quieter times with your OH however on Sunday evenings it just feels like there is a gaping hole, as if someone has left a door open and the cold winter air is filling the house rather than the lively chatter and constant laughter that I love so much.

Not one to remain low for long I am now planning a trip to visit youngest daughter at uni, a few days away with youngest son and the eldest two are threatening to visit soon probably for some clothes washing and a good roast lunch but it is not the same as having them all at home together! However if I get desperate then Ellie you may see me turning up unexpectedly at your house because I need the company and conversation of some children!


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Jo Carroll
10 years ago

It’s tough when they go. It takes time to enjoy the quiet. And then, just when you’ve got the hang of it and are beginning to enjoy yourself, they’re home again – with their washing and their music and their late-night TV. It’s a going-and-coming back dance that can last for years – a sense of humour helps, as does wine!

Diana Soames
Diana Soames
10 years ago

I agree and often their plans are so last minute but they expect you not to be having your own life but just to be waiting for them to drop in!! Not sure my younger ones are ever going to be able to buy their own place so I may be having them around for some time to come!