Anti-semitism: No lessons learned in 75 years

Anti-semitism / Poppy Patmore / Annabel and Grace at CountryWives

I have to admit to feeling increasingly depressed these last few days over the revelation of the ‘pockets of anti-semitism’ within the Labour party. It is their leader, Jeremy Corbyn, who admitted to these pockets but in my opinion it is his pockets that are full of this poison. It is toxic and is so disheartening to see, hear and read about in 2018.

I feel a particular revulsion as I am Catholic but I have been married to my Jewish husband for nearly 30 years. When we announced our engagement we experienced a small amount of resistance within both families. Some just thought it but others wrote letters. I was shocked that just as I was experiencing one of the happiest moments of my life other people were trying to tell me that I could not love my husband simply because he is Jewish. Since then my own family have grown to love and respect him however he should never have had to face such prejudice and had to win them over. However as time went on I believe that people have become more aware and understanding of what it is to be Jewish. Ethnic cleansing of any kind is deplorable and that instigated by Hitler was so extreme it could be considered industrial. How this religion of people have survived and if you have ever listened to anyone who is an Holocaust survivor then you will know that they have lived their lives with little hatred – they are to me a remarkable people.

Their love of family is so core to their beliefs and my friends are always bowled over at how they will always help others when asked. They believe in human life above all else. Perhaps this is because during the Second World War Jewish lives were considered so worthless and the perpetrators of these beliefs wanted to extinguish them from the human race. If you are not Jewish it is so hard to imagine that a political party wished to rid the world of one religion.

I must add that this is not just a U.K. problem. This manifestation of anti-semitism, racism, ethnic cleansing is revitalised all over the so-called civilised world. Yet I am most saddened by the fact that it is happening in our own country. A country that almost single handedly stood up in 1939 for the beliefs of human values. Yet here we are nearly 75 years later hearing people endorsing the same libel and slander that the Nazi party used in coming to power in Germany in the 1930’s.

Anti-semitism / Poppy Patmore / Annabel and Grace at CountryWives
Mireille Knoll with her granddaughter

As I write this CNN are reporting that two people have been arrested over the murder of an 85-year-old Holocaust survivor in Paris that is being investigated as a suspected anti-Semitic attack, a French judicial source told CNN on Tuesday. Mireille Knoll was stabbed 11 times in her apartment in the 11th arrondissement of Paris before her home was set on fire.

There are no more words that I can write.


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5 years ago

I entirely agree with everything you wrote. This has to stop and NOW!

5 years ago

Dear Country Wives,
After reading Poppy’s article on ant semitism I was profoundly touched by her words of why in this day and age after the horror of the Holocaust is the foul evil subject of why even after 75yrs of the disgusting discrimination of Jews is rearing it’s ugly head.
I thought it was apt that ‘the poison is in the ‘pockets ‘of Corbyn horrible little man he disgusts me.
I am an ordinary 64yr old women from Wales and was born in 1954 to wonderful parents
Of course I didn’t live through the war but they both did, my handsome father in the RAF left home as a young man to fight for his country in Burma,Africa the Middle East etc. My lovely mother a teenager who wanted to be a Land girl but her father said she must work with her mother in the munitions in Bridgend factory to bring in a better income.
Throughout her life she very often talked about those terrible war years as being an 18 yr old she was clearly very impressionable and it was the systematic killing of Jewish families that was imprinted on her mind., and she relayed those images that maybe the saw in Cinemas or heard on the radio and obviously after the war the television eventually revealed the revulsion of what took place in Aushwiz and Belsen, words fail.
I find it difficult to watch any documentaries on TV in this day and age as the images are to horrific for me to cope with as the foul torture of humans to other humans is sickening and yes it makes me feel sick.
I am not at all racist against coloured people or any ethnic community as in my mind there is only one’ RACE AND THAT IS THE HUMAN RACE’ there are good human beings and there are bad human beings and good MUST triumph above evil! After all we are a one of a species on this Blue Planet but we were given a big brain above others to develope into mankind.
So if Corbyn and his cronies have an evil brain then it’s their loss as how truly fulfilling a good brain can be.
Poppy how wonderful your 35 yr marriage has survived you being Catholic and your husband Jewish but it’s two human beings who fell in love.
On a sad note the photo of the dear old lady you can still see sadness in her eyes I feel of her horrific memories, but she had lived to have family be loved cared for only to be killed in a brutal way but she has gone to a better place and at peace, a place we call Heaven and not Hell.
Jesus himself was a Jew and Christianity is practised thought the world in a loving way so if Corbyn and his cronies attend Church as Parliamentary representatives or at the Cenataph what a bunch of hippocrates., but there again they are on the gravy train not passionate humans leading our country for the good.
Keep up the happy blog Country Wives I love it,be it fashion, cooking or topics of passionate issues etc.
Have a Happy Peaceful Easter, and let us all remember is isn’t just about yummy chocolate eggs its about something far deeper which had stood the test of time 2000 years ago,Jesus who was a Jew and Christianity was born.
Food for thought well OkK Easrer Eggs too, enjoy.
Love Pamela x

Angela Barron
Angela Barron
5 years ago

I am a Catholic and when I was growing up , I knew what , being considered different was like.i was spat at and made fun of, by so called friends, who maybe now a days, would be ashamed of their actions, all those years ago.
What on earth is the matter with our country and the rest of the world, why carn’t we live and let live, show love and compassion and be thankful for the peace, that we have.

Charlotte Mather
Charlotte Mather
5 years ago

i read your article with such sadness . So very well said.


Anna Knowles
Anna Knowles
5 years ago

It is heartbreaking to see the blatant and unashamed rise of anti-semitism once again in our country and in Europe. That it is now established in a major political party is terrifying. Forces are massing to let Corbyn off the hook over his own anti semitism that he has attempted to make half-hearted and unconvincing apologies over. Those of us who are appalled must make a public as well as a private fuss: letters to MPs and the press and overt challenges whenever we get the chance.

One of the most wonderful women I’ve ever met escaped from Nazi Germany, lost all her family in the death camps but lived a full and joyous life in this country, refusing to be diminished or defeated by her cruel memories. There are many like her. Jews have contributed so much to our society and to the world in general. 32% of all Nobel prizes have been won by Jews. We must stand with them, ensure that they know they are not alone, and face down together the evil of anti semitism that is rearing its ugly head again.