The Amazing Anti-Snore Pillow – Yes, It Really Exists!

Annabel and I both live with snorers. However, my husband says that it is ME waking HIM up at night. I am not sure how this can possibly be as I am a delicate little female flower and he is a 6’4″ hunk of maleness. But, in order to avoid any sexism, I promised him I would see if there was any way I could prevent the odd ladylike grunt emanating from my side of the bed. Luckily for Husband, Annabel and I were asked to review Kally Sleep’s anti-snore pillow.

A few facts

According to the British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association, snoring affects 30 million people in the UK. Figures from a recent survey found men are louder snorers than women and that 58% of snorers are between 50-59 years of age. The NHS tells us that we are more likely to snore if we are overweight, smoke, drink too much alcohol or sleep on our backs.

Grace’s review:

Kally Sleep’s anti-snore pillow looks like an ordinary pillow. However, inside is an ergonomically S-shaped foam core which has been designed to support your head and neck, keeping it at just the right position to improve your breathing, which in turn can help to open your airways.

I’m a side sleeper and I found the pillow very supportive for my neck. An added bonus because I find that sitting at a computer for hours every day often makes my neck ache. And how did I find the anti-snore pillow? Well, I have no idea because I was fast asleep. However on waking I asked Husband if I had been noisy in the night. He said there was a definite improvement – although the odd snore did slip out apparently.

So my improved night’s sleep (or should I say Husband’s) was on a par with the result of a more scientific kind of test carried out by the British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association, where Kally Sleep’s anti-snore pillow was found to reduce snoring frequency and volume by approximately 50%. By the way, if the idea of this pillow appeals to you, make sure the pillow label is next to your left ear, then it’s the correct way around.

Annabel’s review:

And here’s what Annabel (and her OH) had to say when they (both) tried the pillow:

I was so excited to receive this ‘Snore no more Pillow’ pillow as I have to admit that my husband is a bad snorer and I have recently joined the club! Maybe it is one of the joys of turning 60 that your chin sinks into your neck and you expel the occasional pig sound. I have now tried this pillow on both of us. I am not a bad snorer but I know when it happens as it wakes me. It is when I slip off my pillows and I am lying virtually flat.

This ‘Snore no more Pillow’ has stopped me doing this. Obviously it is not as squishy as a feather or down pillow, but once I’ve dozed off I get a full 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

My husband – a fully paid up member of the 8 hours a night snore club! – has also tried it. He’s not completely cured, but he is definitely a lot improved. He put up a bit of a fight at the beginning as he loves a squishy pillow. However he likes waking up in the morning feeling rested without having had me kicking him in the back during the night! For me this is a must-have pillow if you are a snorer or sleep with one!

The anti-snore pillow

The pillow is machine washable, hypoallergenic and made in the UK. There’s a 14 night sleep guarantee – if you don’t find it helps, Kally Sleep will give you a full refund. For more information or to buy an anti-snore pillow, click here.

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