Antioxidants: How much do you know about them & why our skin needs them?

Antioxidants is a buzz word that’s thrown around a lot in the skincare industry but do you actually know what they are and what they’re for? Let me break it down for you….

What is an antioxidant?

A substance that inhibits the oxidation and counteracts the deterioration of the cells. Essentially making production last longer. Antioxidants can be natural or man made and are found in most fruit and vegetables. For example Vitamin A, C and E are all antioxidants. 

Foods enriched with antioxidants

What do they do?

Antioxidants fight against free radicals which become present in the skin and cause oxidation from the environment and pollution or internally from stress, smoking or alcohol. Free radicals  are the biggest destructors of collagen and healthy cells. As we age this happens more quickly then the skin can make new cells. Antioxidants ensure the signs of natural ageing are greatly reduced.

A diagram showing the work of antioxidants

How do we use antioxidants?

A healthy diet should be a good supply of antioxidants but it is always best to boost this daily intake by supplement. My best recommendation is Advanced Nutrition Programme Collagen Support as it puts an extra protective film over our collagen cells. Invest in a good antioxidant serum to apply during the day. One of my favourites is by Skinceuticals, C E Ferulic serum. This should be applied after cleansing but before any moisturiser. Finish with Heliocare SPF which contains Fernblock DNA protection and antioxidants. 

From Annabel: On a personal note, on Jade’s advice to me, I have been taking a Collagen Support supplement and using Heliocare 360 on my face every day and I am really feeling and seeing the benefits.

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