Asparagus – Louloulapomme style

roasted aspTry this idea for a tasty starter:

Prepare green asparagus in the way you prefer (white asparagus may have it’s place in the culinary chain but not in my house…), allowing about 8 to 10 stalks per person.

Place on a roasting tray.

Drizzle with olive oil or, if you are calorie counting, use a brush dipped in the oil.  Add about six cherry tomatoes on their stem and two cloves of unpeeled garlic per person.

Scatter with approximately 24 black olives if you are catering for 6 (the shrivelled Greek black ones are the best as the saltiness goes well with the sweetness of the tomatoes and garlic).

Roast in the oven (190 degrees) for about 15 to 20 minutes.

When cooked to your taste (al dente is best) lightly sprinkle with a good balsamic and a grind of sea salt and black pepper.

Serve with thick crusty bread spread with the soft, roasted garlic!  Enjoy!