Authentic taramasalata

Authentic taramasalataAuthentic taramasalataAnnabel and I went in search of (and definitely found) some wonderful things to do and places to stay when we were in Corfu earlier this year. One of the highlights of our trip to this wonderful – and surprisingly green and peaceful Greek island – was our time with Vasiliki Karounou. An expert in authentic Corfiot cuisine, we watched enthralled as she taught us how to prepare a traditional dish which we Brits more usually know as a (sometimes rather too vibrant) pink dip – Vasiliki made an authentic taramasalata which is cream in colour.

Vasiliki used fresh cod’s roe and OMG it tasted divine. It is freely available on the island but, for us UK cooks, it is best to buy frozen roe – except in December when unsmoked fresh roe is in season.

Authentic taramasalata

Authentic taramasalata

150g fish roe
200g white onion, chopped
450-500ml olive oil
20ml fresh lemon juice
100ml water

How to prepare
Put the onion, lemon juice and fish roe in a large glass jar and mix together using a stick blender.  Then add the olive oil slowly as if you were making mayonnaise. It will not curdle. Add the water at the end so you have a thick and creamy consistency. Refrigerate for 1 – 2 hours so the taramasalata thickens. Keeps for 1 month.

Authentic taramasalata
Annabel enjoying the real thing

If you’re ever in Corfu, do think about doing a cookery day with Vasiliki – she is one of the most charming women we have ever met and we learned so much (and got to eat everything afterwards!). Click here to go to her website.

And for wonderful villas on Corfu, contact Ionian Estates.

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