A peek at the Autumn collection of Marks & Spencer

We are all on an economy drive with the rising cost of living and the possibly exorbitant increase in our energy bills. No more popping to the thermostat and turning it up a notch or two. In December 2020, the gas pipe that comes across the river bed and supplies us with gas broke and no one was prepared to repair it as we now have ‘Health & Safety’. So we had a winter of no heating until we could convert to an air source pump. It was bitterly cold, you could see your breath as you lay shivering under the duvet. The kids were working from home, our home, as it was lockdown, but working was challenging as our fingers froze and we had to type in fits and starts.

So this Autumn/Winter, we will focus on looking good without buying a load of new clothes and saving our pennies. We always want to feel comfortable but also stylish without blowing a fortune. Marks & Spencer is a store that gets a lot of criticism, but Grace and I have always found that if you look carefully, you will find pieces that can enhance your own wardrobe.

Combined with a lack of cash, I also desire not to let go of my summer wardrobe and its uplifting colours. So I have taken a few of my favourite summer pieces and coordinated them with some carefully selected pieces from Marks and Spencer that hopefully still keep me looking stylish and not break the bank.

Grace and I are off to Marks & Spencer next week for a really good look around, as whilst online shopping is very gratifying, we also like to look around the store to see how they are styling their collection.

I love a blazer; throw it on over a tee-shirt or a light jumper, and immediately you feel smarter. I found this Tweed Relaxed Textured Blazer (£69) at M&S, which is perfect as the temperatures drop, but you are still clinging on to the last rays of the summer sun. Here I have teamed it with a pair of Me+Em off-white track pants with a navy stripe and a plain white t-shirt and trainers. The bag’s pop of colour also helps lift the whole outfit.

If you read our online magazine regularly, you will know that Grace and I both love white jeans. These ones, the 7/8 Angelika Stretch Jeans (£49), from Artichoke Collection, have been my go-to jean. They have just the right amount of stretch that keeps you in without discomfort. This time I have paired it with a pure cotton L/S t-shirt (30) which is from White Stuff at M&S. I could just as easily wear this t-shirt under the M&S Blazer. It is a most versatile piece; as winter approaches, I can wear it as a layering piece.

I am not a wearer of green until this summer when I became obsessed with it. It started with a fab dress from Hope Fashion which is sadly sold out now. Then I bought a green and white sleeveless vest from M&S, which I have worn to death. So when I saw that M&S had introduced a Cotton Rich Textured Collared Jumper (£35) in the same green I knew it was going to be a winner for me.

Finally, I love this Pleated Maxi skirt from Me+Em (reduced in the sale to £115.50) and I do not want to put it away this winter. Right now, I am wearing it with trainers but I will happily add boots when the winter comes. This Cable Knit Crew Neck Button Front Cardigan (£55) is so pretty and again I can layer it with a t-shirt underneath.

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4 months ago

Just love reading about what you get up to, what you wear and your fun chats with Grace!! Even the serious issues…as I live on my own you make me feel a part of something!! Tricia x

4 months ago

Annabelle- you are an influencer! A new word for my husband and me. I love your hairstyle and had my fab hairdresser copy it yesterday -not sure how to send a photo….