Beetroot & Orange Cured Salmon

My son has a delightfully effervescent friend who is currently doing a Cordon Bleu cookery course. This means that, on the all too rare occasions she comes to see us, she usually arrives laden with boxes and boxes of Tupperware filled with made-from-scratch deliciousnesses. Last weekend was no exception and my favourite was her Beetroot & Orange Cured Salmon which I could not help stuffing into my mouth whilst uttering oohs and aaahs of gastronomic pleasure. It is a surprisingly simple recipe and needs to be made ahead.

Beetroot & Orange Cured SalmonBeetroot & Orange Cured Salmon

Serves 4
500g salmon fillet, pin boned
3 tbspns sea salt
4 tbspns pomegranate molasses
300g raw beetroot
2 oranges, grated zest only

How to prepare
Place the salmon on a chopping board with the skin face down.
Blitz the salt, molasses, beetroot and orange zest together in a food mixer.
Now press the mixture over the top of the salmon. Wrap securely with clingfilm and place a heavy tray on top of the salmon fillet. Weight down and chill in the fridge for 24 hours.
Unwrap the fish. Rinse the salmon under cold running water. Pat dry with kitchen paper and wrap in cling film. Keep chilled until ready to slice and serve.