Quick way to cook beetroot

beetrootLike Ellie, every time someone comes to our house they seem to bring the fruits (or, more accurately) the vegetables of their homegrown labours. Most recently Marvellous Mother In Law came absolutely laden with bags of the stuff – runner beans, spinach, Pink Fir and baking potatoes, beetroot. So I was particular interested in the Thai Beetroot Soup Ellie gave us the recipe for and will be trying it out this week.

My Mother-In-Law also gave me a good way to cook beetroot: Leaving the tail and 2″ of stalks (and reserving leaves for salads) prick each beetroot two or three times, put them in china or glass bowl with a couple of tablespoons of water, cover with clingfilm, pierce, then blast for 4 – 9 minutes depending on size.