Bloody Mary Prawn Salad – Another Winning Recipe

Another winning recipe from Elly Pear’s Fast Days and Feast Days cookbook. The dressing for this Bloody Mary Prawn Salad is just the right amount of spicy and there was not even a shred of lettuce left on any plate after I served this one last weekend.

Bloody Mary Prawn Salad

Ingredientsserves 2
For the dressing:
80g tomato passata
¼ tbsp mayonnaise
½ tsp tabasco, to taste
¼ tsp creamed horseradish
¼ tsp vodka
sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

For the salad:
50g gem lettuce
50g radicchio
20g fennel, finely sliced
140g cooked king prawns
a few sprigs of dill
6g cress
5g celery leaves
lemon wedges

How to prepare

Blitz all the dressing ingredients in a bowl, or whisk together well.

Separate the leaves of the little gem and lay them on a serving plate, Layer around the radicchio and fennel. Top with the prawns and garnish with the dill, cress and celery leaves.

Splatter some of the dressing over the salad and serve the rest on the side. Season then serve, squeezing the lemon juice over the whole salad before eating.

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Bloody Mary Prawn Salad