Blueberry and honey bruschetta

This is a lovely sweet snack which can be served at tea or coffee time or as a pudding. Serves (6)

Blueberry and honey bruschetta


150 ml clear honey

2 or 3 drops of good vanilla extract

200g blueberries

100g cream cheese or mascarpone

Half a baguette or sourdough cut into 1.5cm slices.


In a small saucepan bring the honey to the boil, remove from the heat and stir in the vanilla extract. Put the blueberries in a heatproof bowl and pour over the honey mixture. Leave to stand for 5 minutes. Whip the cream cheese or mascarpone just a little to make it lighter. Toast the bread slices to your liking, then spread some of the whipped cream cheese or mascarpone. Put the toast on a serving plate and gently drizzle over the blueberry and honey mixture. Serve and enjoy!!