Bobotie – add a little spice to your life

BobotieThe weather is showing no signs of letting up so it looks like we might be indoors for the long haul and as such I’m finding that cottage pies, bolognaises and stews are wearing a little thin with the family so, I have decided to throw a little spice into their lives by making some Bobotie.

Bobotie  is South Africa’a national dish and is quite simply delicious, it’s a sort of cottage pie come moussaka with a twist, the twist being mango chutney, curry powder and custard on top!

I have chosen my recipe from BBC’s Good Food as this is the best one I have tried so far (you can use lamb mince if you prefer it to beef) – I hope that you enjoy making Bobotie but most of all that THEY enjoy eating it!

Click here for recipe