A Bombshell Dress Is Uplifting For Both Body And Spirit. Find Out How

Honestly every time I visit Katya Wildman’s studio in Highgate I come away feeling uplifted, in spirit that is, however she does uplift other parts of one’s body with her wonderful Bombshell dresses. And that’s not allAnnabel and Katya each wearing a Bombshell dress in mocha and pale blue that they do. Apart from an uplifted bust a Bombshell dress gives one a waist, they smooth over the lumps and bumps covering all the bits that you don’t want to show off. They make one feel feminine, sexy, smart and chic all in one. They are fabulous occasion dresses and if I had the budget I would wear them all the time.

This time Grace and I took Jane Gordon, journalist and novelist, with her daughter Naomi to show how two women, 20 years apart, can look fantastic in the same Bombshell dress. These dresses cross every divide. Any woman from 20 yrs to 100yrs, from short to tall, from skinny to rounded, will look fabulous in one of Katya’s dresses. A Bombshell dress will always make the best of you.

Naomi and Jane Gordon each wearing a Bombshell dress Naomi is getting married soon so Jane will be ‘mother of the bride’. Naomi does not want a traditional dress however she wants to look special and stand out from the crowd. Jane needs a dress that flatters her gorgeous figure but must not be too restricting with movement as she may be rushing around keeping everything running smoothly and then later dancing the night away.

I think you will see how Katya found exactly the right Bombshell dress for each ofNaomi and Jane Gordon each wearing a Bombshell dress them that ticked all their boxes. Then they swapped dresses and they looked equally gorgeous. Naomi and Jane love to raid each others’ wardrobes so with these dresses they each get two for the price of one.

We then all had some fun rummaging around Katya’s studio wardrobe to select our favourite Bombshell dress and guess what…….we chose very similar dresses, all with a scoop neck but Jane and Naomi’s were the Elliptical dress whilst mine was more fitted. However the colours were different and so we each found a Bombshell dress that suited our skin tone so perfectly.

Have a watch of the video which will show you how Katya dressed us and why the Bombshell dress works for every woman. I can promise you that we are all a lot more lumpy and bumpy than the pictures show but that’s because the Bombshell dresses are working miracles.

Try one for yourself and see – click HERE to go through to the Bombshell HQ website.

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