Book review: Away with the Penguins by Hazel Prior is just what we need now

I don’t know whether it was just timing i.e. I needed a book to transport me away from 2021 but Away with the Penguins made me soar. A good book is meant to do that, isn’t it? The weather was grey, everywhere was flooded and the news was as gloomy as ever so last weekend I curled up on the sofa and read this book.


Mr B’s Emporium had recommended Away with the Penguins to me. I love their reviews as they are always letting me know about unusual books that are brilliant but may not have a massive marketing budget behind them, so they are not well-known.

Penguins have always fascinated me and even more so since I watched a David Attenborough documentary on them. I could see these penguins had personalities and were determined little creatures.

The book starts with Veronica McCreedy, an elderly lady who lives on her own in a fairly large house by the sea in Scotland cared for by her housekeeper, Ellen. Mrs McCreedy has a stubborn but determined personality with a sharp but amusing tongue. I was laughing out loud through these early chapters.

Veronica doesn’t have family or friends nearby. Not that she knows about, anyway . . . And she has no idea where she’s going to leave her considerable wealth when she dies.

The book develops recounting events of the past, growing up during WWII, and the present. She has reached an age where she starts to question what she has done with her life. Can she make a difference? Does she have any family out there that she doesn’t know about?

And then there are the Penguins.

Like I, Veronica fell in love with Penguins through wildlife documentaries and discovered certain ones, the Adélie Penguins, who are threatened with distinction. She is an environmental enthusiast and is also concerned about animal welfare issues, so she relates to the Adélie Penguins plight.

So the story unfolds. There is one bad review on Amazon for this book by some cranky, grumpy reviewer. Ignore it as this book deserves better. It is a book of pure escapism. Away with the Penguins takes one away from this desperate world and angry people, the endless grim thrillers on TV to a world that one can relate to. It is pure fiction but well-researched. The chapters involving the penguins are sheer bliss.

Hazel Prior is a brilliant storyteller. Her characters in this book resonated with me. There are not enough superlatives for this book – heartwarming, uplifting, endearing, quirky, emotional, funny – the list is endless. Now and again, you read a book that you know will stay with you forever; this is how I felt having read Away with the Penguins.

‘This year’s Eleanor Oliphant . . . Funny, bittersweet and wholly original.’ Daily Express
‘I love this gorgeous book. Unflinching, stubborn, funny and moving, Veronica is an unlikely heroine who will sneak in and capture your heart.’ Trisha Ashley



  1. Thank you for this recommendation. I shall buy the book – it sounds just the thing to take one away for an hour or two to a better place. It seems unlikely, though, that I will be threatened “with distinction” like your penguins!

  2. I’ve read Away with the Penguins January it’s amazing
    What a wonderful character Veronica was
    It helped me get through January as it’s the Anniversary of my dads death and he spent his last few weeks watching Happy Feet on TV so penguins hold a place close to our families heart
    I think he enjoyed the soul music too

    • Your story is such a sad but also uplifting one, thank you for sharing. I am so glad you enjoyed the book as much as I did – pure escapism. Best, Annabel x

    • Hi, Lorna, On A&G we only write honest reviews and, in this case, it was how much I enjoyed this book and I genuinely did love it. On Amazon UK there are 7277 reviews of Away with the Penguins and 62% gave it a 5* review and 27% gave it a 4* review. Of course, there are people who did not enjoy it but then no book is going to appeal to everyone. My review stands i.e. a book that just allowed me to ‘escape’. I hope we do enough reviews of a good cross-section of books that there will be some that will appeal to you. Best, Annabel.

  3. I have just finished reading this book and loved every page. I totally immersed myself in Veronica’s love of penguins and would like to think that when we all get to her age there is something we can try that is different and adventurous. I certainly intend to. What, I am not sure yet but it will come to me when the time is right!

    • I agree. However the world seems to be getting smaller for these type of adventures. Can’t go out of our front door at moment let alone to Antartic!!
      Thanks for letting us know how much you enjoyed the book. Best, Annabel

  4. I read both of Hazel’s delightful books back to back. She is such a good story teller snd you can’t help but love her characters. I can’t wait for the follow up to be released. Meanwhile I have adopted a penguin!!

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