Are you watching Bounty Hunters?

Grace phoned me on Monday morning and asked that exact question, “Are you watching Bounty Hunters?” It is co-written by and stars one of my favourite comedians Jack Whitehall – he of the cheeky grin and baby-face. I regularly watch him in League of their Own, the gameshow on Sky1 hosted by James Corden (another very funny young man) and he is so self-deprecating and never worried that he may be made to look a complete fool.

Bounty Hunters / CountryWives, womens online magazine

Thank goodness for Catch up as I can now watch it and not miss out. Also with the long winter evenings setting in we need comedy to entertain us and keep us smiling.

I was not disappointed with The Bounty Hunters. Jack plays an intelligent, slightly fey young man, Barnaby, with a good heart but a little unworldly as he currently resides amongst the academia in Cambridge.

When his antiques dealer dad winds up in hospital following a rather mysterious accident, book-smart Barnaby takes it upon himself to save the family’s cash-strapped business. What could possibly go wrong? Well, a dodgy deal masterminded by his father leaves Barnaby £50,000 down and lumbered with a looted treasure. He’s determined to reclaim his cash, but to do so, he needs help. Big time.

Enter Nina Morales, a tough New Yorker who Barnaby’s sister met while travelling. She and Barnaby couldn’t be more different. She’s a gun-toting, Brooklyn bounty hunter, while he drives a Smart car and lives in Wimbledon. She’s wanted by a Mexican cartel, while he’s doing a PhD in Flemish textiles. They team up on a mission to get his money back. But Barnaby’s quiet life soon spirals further out of control, when they’re forced into the paths of the police, terrorists and a dangerous Mexican drug cartel.

It is a great cast including Rosie Perez, Robert Lindsay and Charity Wakefield. So if you want some light-hearted, well-scripted fun then tune in on Wednesday’s to Sky One.