The Comfort Revolution: the Brand New WonderWelly

After all the torrential rain we’ve been having recently, we’ve got some excellent news for you. The brand new WonderWelly™ has arrived.

We’ve all worn wellies but, to be honest, they aren’t the most well fitting boot are they. Great for splashing in puddles when you’re rediscovering your inner child, but not so brilliant on a (slippery) muddy walk in the countryside. I’ll freely admit that nothing keeps the water out quite like a practical wellington boot, but wouldn’t it be great if there was a pair that were ergonomically designed to be comfortable as well? Look no further – FitFlop to the rescue!

If you are a regular A&G reader, you’ll know how we hold FitFlop in high regard. They are my personal go-to footwear because I know my feet will be cushioned the entire day. So if any brand sets out to produce the world’s comfiest welly, then no prizes for guessing that it will be the work of the FitFlop design team. The result? They’ve engineered a technologically advanced boot with all the features we need for all-day comfort.

The WonderWelly™ is the result of biomechanics. That’s using a foundation of science which applies mechanical principles to the moving body. The result is that their new wellies not only feel good on your feet, they also work with your body alignment and natural walking style.

By paying specific attention to pressure points, walking positions, and mirroring the natural shape of the foot, the new WonderWelly™ has been developed to distribute your body weight evenly when you walk.

The heel has been hollowed out and filled with a special honeycomb design that absorbs the impact of every step. The high rebound material and cleverly positioned micro “springboards” in the forefoot help to give you a spring in your step – literally.

Annabel couldn’t wait to test out a pair of the long red WonderWelly boots.

“10 out of 10 from me”

“As it is winter, it is ‘wet walks’ time. I do love a colourful welly but to be honest I have never found a pair that I can do long walks in as they tend to make my feet hurt and are very heavy. Not so with the WonderWelly – they are light, bright and oh so comfortable. They tick every box for me. I would be happy to wear these on a country walk and also up to town on a wet day when I did not want to ruin my shoes.

Finally, I love the adjustable opening at the top of the back of the boots as this allows for thick socks/trousers to be worn and I can still pull the wellies on with ease. 10 out of 10 from me.”


There’s a choice of two heights – the shorter boots are £75, the longer ones £90. Both are available in sizes 3 – 9 and in six colours: Red, Light Grey, Black, Midnight Navy, Bubblegum Pink & Military Green.

So that’s our outdoor footwear sorted – bring on the rain we say!

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