Breathable Nail Polish

Nothing makes me feel more ‘put together’ than having a perfect manicure. I do not have perfect nails – they break and peel and I have taken every pill and potion to try to improve them. However I cannot resist a painted nail, not necessarily a brightly painted one, a natural looking colour is often my preferred choice.

Of course nail varnishes are often full of chemicals. I think that we are very conscious of putting chemicals on our skin or nails as they can be absorbed into our bodies. However, as far as I know, there has never been a totally chemical free varnish that gives a good finish that lasts.Then along came Nailberry. 

Do not ask me how I found out about this magical brand apart from the fact that when I saw someone write about a totally chemical-free, breathable nail polish I quickly clicked the link. I have now been using the award winning Nailberry varnishes for over three weeks and my nails have never been better. They are hydrated, not one of them has broken and the peeling has reduced by at least 90%.  I even had a manicure from my local beautician who is French and is always totally honest with me.  She puts the visible improvement down to the Nailberry varnishes.

Nailberry varnish is an innovative lacquer. Nailberry l’oxygéné contains a breakthrough formulation that allows air and moisture to pass through the polish. 5 free from chemicals – no formaldehyde, no toluene, no camphor, no DPB and no formaldehyde resin. It is also vegan and cruelty free.

I have tried three colours: Mystere – an edgy neutral grey/lilac colour. A Smart Cookie – a deep pink, fun & shocking! Elegance – a gorgeous pale pink – a little more coloured than a complete natural pink which is very flattering. This brand is forward thinking in every area including a choice of 43 colours which cover a broad range from Blackberry – a deep black, to blues, minty greens and a full range of pinks, reds, corals and natural pinks.

I will never now use a chemical nail varnish as Nailberry has nailed it for me!

Breathable nail polish

This is a picture of my nails after 6 days of wearing Elegance, and I have not been gentle on my nails. I have been washing up without gloves, gardening, typing and generally not wrapping them in cotton wool. I must advise that I use Nailberry’s base coat, Strengthen & Breathe, and also their top coat, Fast Dry Gloss, which I am sure is important to ensure you are giving your nails a completely chemical free manicure. There is also a very on-trend matt top coat called Touche Velours if that is the finish you want. Try Nailberry – trust me when I say you will be impressed. SHOP NOW