How to (successfully) wear Bright Colours and be happier

Many of us spend our lives in black, brown, navy and grey. Is this monochromatic comfort zone a particularly English trait? A desire to be invisible – or at the very least, to blend in with the crowd? Why not vibrant colour? After all, colours are mood boosting according to scientists who found that brighter clothes make you happier.

If colour is good enough for our Queen…

Several of my friends worry that if you get it wrong it can “look cheap” and others are apprehensive about making a bolder style statement. My personal concern is that I look bigger in a brighter colour, but then – who am I kidding? I am a size 16 and that’s the end of it. I may as well be a cheerful 16, rather than a dull one!

Before you rush out and buy the most vibrant clothes you can find, remember that you need to have an idea of which shades suit your particular skin tone. If you would like to find out roughly what these colours are, do this quick online quiz.

Wearing the wrong colours can make you look tired. Wearing the right ones will illuminate your face and take years off you. Sounds simple – and it is – but if you are nervous about shedding your black or navy security blanket, here are some tips that will take you confidently into the wonderful world of colour.

Ease yourself in gently by adding some bright accessories to your usual dark outfit. It could be shoes, a handbag, belt, scarf or costume jewellery. I started with a bright orange mac that I wore over my usual navy jumper, navy jeans and navy shoes. I knew I was onto a winner when strangers came up to me and commented about what a lovely colour my coat was on me.

Colour with denim. Pop a brightly coloured tailored jacket over a white tee shirt or blouse, add some denim jeans (M&S sell fantastic ones btw) and you have a failsafe look. Guaranteed. You will be effortlessly chic.

Team bold colours with neutrals. Pair a good clear coloured jumper or blouse with a brown, tan, ivory, white or grey outfit.

Don’t be afraid to stand out  Enjoy yourself. When you wear brighter colours you will feel positive, happy and energetic. So keep those shoulders back and stand up straight.

The inimitable Iris Apfel

Experiment and have fun Once you know your particular colour palette you can safely mix and match any of them. Play around with various combinations and you will come up with some original looks. Trust your instincts. If you look in the mirror and feel good, then you look good.

Accept compliments gracefully. Don’t do what many of us do, which is mutter apologetically when we receive a compliment. Just say “Thank you” and smile.

How to (successfully) wear Bright Colours and be happier

So, taking note of the hints and tips I’ve outlined above, be positive and give colour a whirl. I’m confident you will be delighted – and happier!

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