Isn’t a catch up chat face-to-face still the best?

It is all very well in these modern times of communication that, whilst we keep up via email, What’s App or Facebook, there is nothing better than a proper meeting and catch up chat. It may be my age but a morning spent with a really good girlfriend, chatting about anything that concerns you, tips you may have for each other, or just an opportunity to get some reassuring advice, will never be overtaken by those techie chats via wifi. How can you tell how someone really is unless you see them face to face? Of course we are all so busy and, as we live scattered all over the world, it may not be so easy. But if you can, then do – it’s a real tonic.

On this particular morning, when we videoed our catch up chat, Grace gave me some good recipe ideas for a dinner party I was about to host, and we both complimented each other on our new looks for Spring. By email or What’s App this conversation would have been so impersonal and short. This leads me on to recommend stopping to have a chat with anyone who is lonely or who lives on their own. It is so appreciated and, whilst we may not write letters so much, let’s not forget this social skill – interaction face-to-face can be a wonderfully enjoyable (and educational) experience.

For the recipes we talk about – Chicken in Tarragon click here and for the Fig & Toasted Hazelnut Shortbread click here.

So, why not join in our chat by watching the video:

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6 years ago

What a fab video. I really enjoyed watching and I love that M&S top and I must give the pud a go. it. I have “met” lots of lovely ladies through social media over the years and some have become really good friends. It’s great to be able to keep in touch via Instagram and Twitter but nothing beats arranging to meet each other in “the flesh” so to speak. I always try and arrange to meet my online friends so that we can get to know each other better face to face. There really is nothing quite like indulging in girl talk over a cuppa or lunch is there? Husbands or male partners don’t understand the importance of these chats that cover everything from favourite cake recipes to worries that need that support and understanding that women are so good at giving. If someone asked me what my idea of a good time, it would have to be meeting up with lovely girlfriends and spending hours just chatting, laughing and listening.