At Annabel & Grace magazine, we firmly believe in looking after ourselves as well as those we love.

We must all accept that for women wellbeing is of crucial importance and not to be left as an afterthought. For many women, years of caring for others has left little time for self care – ladies, now is the time to recharge your batteries!

But what does ‘wellbeing’ mean to you? For some it means spending time on a new skincare routinekeeping fit, relaxing with a good book, seeing friends, pulling off a new recipe or getting outside in the fresh air.

Sometimes a seemingly simple purchase, like a new Silent Night memory foam pillow or the new Miracle Blur from Trinny can give you a real spring in your step. How about a rejuvenating Kobido massage or pro pilates (pilates chair) or the wonderful Fit Sit Revolution – functional fitness for the over 50s? You can find out how we got on when we road tested all of these wellbeing-inspired ideas and decide which you would like to try next!

We also tackle the downright practical: what clothes to wear with a broken arm, natural things to help tinnitus, skin care for older women, ten valuable make-up tips for older women that you will love, workouts for older women and our enormously popular article on female nose hair – another taboo exposed.

Then there’s the subjects that only your closest girlfriends would confide in you: how to revive sex life, the benefits of an active sex life after 50 and we review the Lumen dating site, specifically for the over 50s.

But perhaps our favourite piece is our feature: 23 things to make you happy – if you haven’t read it yet we promise we will have you smiling by the end of it!

So read on for wellbeing tips, great advice and brilliant tips and tricks.