What Is CBD Oil And Why Do People Take It?

For a product aimed at relaxing you, CBD oil is causing a lot of excitement.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is gaining in popularity as a natural remedy. But what is it and why do people take it?


What exactly is CBD oil?

It is one of the chemical compounds (known as cannabinoids) found in the cannabis (marijuana) plant. It is very different from Cannabis oil, which you may have heard of earlier this year when there was intense press coverage obtaining it as a medicine for Billy Caldwell and Alfie Dingley, two children with severe epilepsy. Well CBD Oil is different because it doesn’t contain THC, the compound that causes the sensation of getting”high” that’s often associated with marijuana. So CBD is not psychoactive but it can be an appealing option for people who are looking for relief from pain without the side effects that marijuana or certain prescription drugs can have.

How is it made?

CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant then diluted with a carrier oil such as coconut or hemp seed oil. CBD products are currently sold as food supplements, although the government has indicated that very strong versions may soon be available on prescription for people with certain medical conditions.

Why do people try CBD Oil?

Dr Nicholas Shenker PhD FRCP, is a consultant rheumatologist at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge and an expert in chronic pain syndromes. He says that “All over the world, people are using CBD – often in pharmaceutical (very high) doses – to address their health issues.” These include reducing inflammation, relieving chronic pain, reset sleep patterns, and reducing stress and anxiety. Other reasons people try CBD are to help reduce nausea, to use it’s anti-inflammatory properties to reduce acne, as an anti-depressant and a small number of people who have tried CBD out in the bedroom said it had improved their sexual experiences.

Is it safe?

CBD OilThe World Health Organisation has given CBD a clean bill of health and UK government advisers at the MHRA made it legal to buy cannabidiol (CBD) oil in late 2016 after they confirmed that it has a ‘restoring, correcting or modifying’ effect on humans.

You should make sure to buy a purified CBD product from a reputable company. CBD oil must contain less than 0.2% THC by law, which ensures that it is not intoxicating.

CBD is well tolerated by humans even in high doses (1,500mg per day).

CBD OilWhere do I buy CBD Oil?

“If people are considering a CBD supplement, they should ensure that it is supplied by a reputable company and created using a pure extract.” Michael Heinrich, Head of Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy at University College London

FutureYou has a pure CBD Oil product that is sold in capsules. Although it is gluten, lactose and GM-free, it is not suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Click here to read more or to buy.

Box of 28 softgels CBD Oil+ £33  (2 for £60) or, if you subscribe, £28.  Free UK delivery.

The contents of this article are provided for general information and should not not intended to replace conventional medical advice. 

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4 years ago

>although the government has indicated that very strong versions may soon be available on prescription for people with certain medical conditions

Oh boy… and let me guess next they’ll ban CBD from being purchased without a subscription, and since it will now be classified as a drug they’ll sell it for $1000 a pill. Thank you oh benevolent government for making everything better. -_-