March at The Joy Club: Celebrating Women in the arts

With International Women’s Day coming up on 8th March, The Joy Club will be celebrating women in the arts. Historically, women in the arts have often been sidelined, their stories and talent neglected by a society that refused to take them seriously. Throughout March, The Joy Club will host a range of specialist talks and workshops with the aim to uncover the untold stories of women whose contributions to culture, science and society have hitherto gone unrecognised.

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‘Madam Mayor’: The forgotten women politicians (1900 – 1939)

Monday 6th March 3.30pm

Examine the history of some of Britain’s most overlooked politicians – the first women Councillors and Mayors. Some of these women held elected positions well before they were allowed to vote in general elections and, even as women struggled to enter parliament in the interwar years and beyond, pioneering women the length and breadth of the country were taking up seats on local councils. Consider what it must have been like to be among these pioneering women and acquire some tips for finding out about the first women politicians in your town, helping to write them back into the historical record.

Women in the arts and sciences

Thursday 9th March 1pm

March at The Joy Club: Celebrating Women in the arts

How many female architects can you think of? What about classical composers? Which woman won the Nobel Prize – twice? From time immemorial, it seems that men have monopolised the credit for artistic, scientific and pretty well every domain of cultural life. But, upon closer inspection, we can see the active hands of women in every facet of our culture. In this entertaining illustrated talk, we will be exploring some of the more fascinating and lesser-known contributions of women to world culture.

Mothers who waved goodbye: Women and evacuation in the Second World War

Wednesday 15th February 1.30pm

March at The Joy Club: Celebrating Women in the arts

This talk will enable you to understand the trauma of mothering children threatened by war. Drawing on images, oral histories and her own research, Emeritus Professor of Cultural History Maggie will explain how evacuation was an unparalleled interference in the domestic lives of women and a significant but unrecognised area of women’s war work which influenced ideas about childcare and motherhood for years to come.

The hyena in petticoats: Mary Wollstonecraft

Thursday 23rd March 1.00pm

March at The Joy Club: Celebrating Women in the arts

Often described as the ‘mother of modern feminism’, Mary Wollstonecraft (the mother of Mary Shelley) was one of the most influential thinkers of her generation. This talk tells the story of how Mary Wollstonecraft developed her ideas about women’s education and her arguments for women’s equality and how her rather sensational private life threatened to undo her legacy.

Let us dare to be militant: Older women in feminism

Tuesday 28th March 3.30pm

March at The Joy Club: Celebrating Women in the arts

Activism is often equated with youth and feminism has been seen as a younger woman’s game. This is far from the case. In this talk, Oxford MA graduate Lara will discuss the activism of older feminists in Britain since the 1980s. She casts a light on the crucial contributions older women have made to the feminist movement and how, in their own distinctive terms, they have ‘dared to be militant not mellow.’

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