Chargrilled Pineapple

Chargrilled Pineapple

A few months ago I bought a griddle pan and it has been so useful. Just loving all those caramelised stripes on everything from a pork chop to chicory. So, as the pineapple I bought early last week was looking a little bedraggled, I thought I would use it up pronto. I thought about making an upside down cake. But I didn’t have any maraschino cherries. Or the energy!  So I got out the griddle pan and Bob’s your uncle, it made a very speedy, juicily delish pudding.


Chargrilled PineappleIngredients serves 3/4
One pineapple, peeled, cored and sliced into six rings
2 tbspn honey or maple syrup
Tbspn lime juice (about half a fresh lime)
Tsp cinnamon
Tsp butter
Crushed pistachios (or toasted almonds would be a good alternative)
Mint sprigs to decorate


How to prepare
Pop everything but the pineapple into a small saucepan and heat gently until the butter melts.
Brush this liquid onto both sides of each pineapple ring.
Heat up the griddle pan and cook the rings for about 2 – 3 mins each side until caramelised stripes appear.
Serve with crushed pistachios and any cream of your choice – I used Marks & Spencer’s pink champagne and strawberry whipped cream

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