Christmas Gift Guide: Wellbeing and Beauty gifts

We’ve done the leg work and found many presents at sensible price points to inspire you and make light of Christmas gift shopping online. We will be adding more posts to the Lifestyle Essentials section over the coming weeks, so watch this space.

This week I thought I would suggest some well-being gifts. I feel as if we might all need something to keep body and soul together this year. Whenever I give a friend something to improve their health or a beauty product, whether skin or hair care or some make-up, they are always appreciative. It is especially good if I have bought them something they have noticed about me, e.g. a particular colour of lipstick or a luxury they would not buy for themselves.

Look Fabulous Forever have some great new products that they have launched recently, which work so well on our older skins. First off is their new eyeliner, which comes in six colours and is super soft so it does not drag your skin. Consequently, it is so easy to apply. I have tried the brown one and found that it lasted all day without disappearing. Grace is about to try the green one. It’s something that a girlfriend who likes eye makeup would love.

And what about their Daytime Hydration kit, including a face serum, face moisturiser, plus a make-up bag? This is on special offer and is reduced to £65. What girlfriend would not appreciate this? Honestly, their products are extremely good, just the right consistency for our skin.

The ‘Calm’ mala bracelet empowers you towards a more mindful way of living; it stills the mind and is excellent for sleep and meditation. Howlite is a powerful calming stone to bring awareness to your mind. It teaches patience and eases a restless mind. It balances the crown chakra, and it is ideal if you feel the need to slow it down, absorb, and clear the constant stream of chatter from the mind.

Available HERE £35 – other colours available.

I have two items that I have recently reviewed which would also make great presents:

First, the book, Happiness by Duncan CJ, which I reviewed last week. It is such an enlightening book that will work for everyone. There are many tips to learn that will help us enjoy a more peaceful and happier life. Have a read of my full review HERE.

Another wonderful gift, particularly for older relatives (and I mean 50+), is the Revitive Medic Coach. Again I reviewed it, having spent over a month using it daily. Many of us suffer from bad circulation, which is not conducive to good health. As I type this, my husband has his daily 30-minute session while watching the American mid-term results! We have just come back from Canada and so before we flew out, and as soon as we came home, we both used it as it must be beneficial after a long flight. My husband says his legs and ankles are pain-free since using this machine on a regular basis. Read the full review HERE. And we have a £20 discount using code ANG20. Available until 20th December 2022. To purchase from Revitive, click HERE

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