Christmas Gift Guide: Annabel suggests some unusual ideas

I have tried to pick some unusual and different gifts for my Christmas Gift Guide that show that you have really thought about the recipient. Some are luxury items that you wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself but would love to receive. I have suggested a recipient in each case but each selected gift would work for so many family members or friends.

For the In-Laws: a subscription to Freddie’s Flowers

Every Tuesday I receive a box of flowers from Freddie’s Flowers and it is one of the highlights of my week. They come with instructions on how to care for the flowers and how to arrange them. My husband bought me a subscription to Freddie’s Flowers back in March and they have helped cheer me through 2020. They are such good value and often last two weeks so my house has at least two floral displays at any one time. If a subscription is too much you can just send a one-off gift of a box of their flowers…………….

Go to the Freddie’s Flowers website for more details. Click HERE

For Art Lovers: ARTICHOKE Scarves

Grace has just written about Artichoke and the way that Sarah Simonds, the owner, has coped as a fashion retailer, with the lockdown. (Click HERE to read the post) Meanwhile Artichoke are selling these fabulous art inspired cashmere mix scarves for £20. A great gift for an art lover who also enjoys her fashion.

For those with a sweet tooth: HILTON Macaroons

Hilton Macarons: Christmas Gift Guide

In these strange times what better way to brighten your Christmas (or someone else’s) than with one of the Hilton indulgent boxes of eighteen rainbow coloured macarons. Arranged in a beautiful rainbow ombre the flavours are: raspberry, salted caramel, lemon, pistachio, fresh mint and orange chocolate.

Or the box of classic Macarons – Chocolate, Vanilla, Pistachio, Salted Caramel, Lemon, Rose, Raspberry, Passionfruit Chocolate, Strawberry, Violet, Coffee, Orange Chocolate, Mojito, Liquorice, Fresh Mint, Hazelnut, Blackcurrant and Pecan & Cinnamon.

Hilton will donate 10% to the The Care Workers Charity and you can add a gift message at checkout.

To go to Hilton Macaron website to order click HERE

For youngsters: Roald Dahl MONOPOLY

To purchase from Amazon click HERE

A fun game for the whole family or for the buddying property magnate but tailored to Roald Dahl fans.

Choose your favourite token from Matilda’s books, James’s Giant Peach, one of Mr Fox’s chickens, a bubbling pan of George’s Marvellous Medicine, a mouse from The Witches or one of Willy Wonka’s sweets! Visit your favourite characters and locations from the beloved stories of Roald Dahl, but watch out for Wormwood Motors, The Witches RSPCC, jail and bankruptcy.

Advance to Crunchem Hall or Giant Country – will you owe rent or reap the rewards? Invest in Wonka Chocolate factories large and small and trade your way to success.

To purchase from Amazon click HERE

For your girlfriends: ibbi INTERIORS

Wonki Ware

There is so much on this website that anyone could find a place for in their home. I could have put the whole website into my Christmas Gift Guide. However I had to choose. I particularly love the South African Wonki Ware. The beauty of this pottery is its stunning wonkiness.  No two pieces are exactly the same but that is what makes it so special and unique. Click HERE

Gemma Orkin

Or any of the Gemma Orkin tableware would make ideal gifts for family and friends. Another winner from South Africa. Click HERE

How about a trinket dish for a girlfriend at £14.50 – click HERE

For more info go to the ibbi interiors website click HERE

For daughters and/or goddaughters: BORN IN THE SUN Headbands etc

This is currently my favourite accessory website mainly for my ever-lengthening hair as they do the best range of headbands, hairclips and bows. However they have extended their range to include collars and shirts. With the new fashion being these large collars I think that one that can be added to any jumper or cardigan is the perfect solution. It converts and ordinary cardigan to a party one and when the fashion dies you can put it away until the fashion returns.

To see the full range click HERE

For Games Lovers: Bridge in the Box Chess Set

Bridge in the Box chess set: Christmas Gift Guide

So we have all been completely captivated by The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix so now is the time to learn the game. This set would look good on display in your home even if you can’t play but I am sure you will find some closet chess players amongst your friends. So a great gift for anyone – I learned to play when I was 4yrs old therefore there is no age limit.

For more info click HERE

For the person who has everthing: HIGHGROVE Christmas shop

If The Crown hasn’t put you off the Royal Family completely then pop over to the Highgrove online shop for some posh gifts.

To see the full range click HERE

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I have also prepared a guide to best books for Christmas, either as gifts or to while away the winter weeks. Click HERE