Christmas on crutches

So as Christmas approaches I am swinging along on sparkly crutches!!! This is what happened…

Christmas on crutchesI decided that with Christmas coming this old goose did not want to be fat at all these festive bashes (of which I have many) so I enrolled for a boot camp – five nights of punishment. I actually felt physically sick before the first one – mostly nerves – could I keep up? Was I just being foolish? I knew I wanted to look good – does that make me shallow?

There were 10 women all of a certain age although I was def the oldest but I did ok – circuit training outside in the dark – it was so mild it could have been summer. Crunches looking up at the stars. I loved it.

The following night – running ! Now not my favourite – but I can run – I did a marathon three years ago and I have climbed Kilimanjaro so I can put my mind to any challenge if I get my head in the right place. We did sprints in groups and I had forgotten how competitive I can be and I did enjoy it. Plus I was feeling stronger, less bloated and eating really well and had cut out alcohol. All was going brilliantly. I even lost a few pounds. Great. Those festive frocks did up so much better!

The third night was circuits again, but she spiced things up each time and we did different things. Fourth night back to running but we could hear Santa on his Roundtable sleigh and we were singing our little socks off to festive tunes on uphill sprints! That got longer and longer. Until I heard and felt a sharp PING! And then a searing pain. Everyone was so kind and someone was dispatched to get a car to take me home. My misery turning into self-pity when I was asked “can we call your husband?” “No? Your boyfriend?” “No? Is there anyone we can phone?” Um – no – I felt very sorry for myself – all my dear friends were out at events.

Christmas on crutchesHome and iced and elevated, I texted everybody. And this is when you find out that actually you are blessed. I get offers of shopping, my dog is being walked more than normal, I get food parcels. I get called all the time to see if I need anything and once again I feel the love! Even youngest son turns up one day to make me lunch. A visit to minor injuries confirms a grade 2 rupture of the calf muscle and I get issued with crutches. These are soon festively adorned – if I have to go out in my glitzy garb at least I can accessorise!

Christmas is a time for thinking of others and I can say I have come a very long way in the last three and a half years. I have amazing friends and a wonderful life – and if I am currently limping a little? It doesn’t matter. I’ll get there. I might yet still dance on the tables!

Christmas on crutchesA peaceful, joyous, happy Christmas to all, wherever you are, whoever you are with (or not with) regardless of your circumstances – life is not an M&S advert! Don’t feel it all needs to be perfect – just do the very best you can – give your time and give your love! Here’s to a fabulous 2016!!!