Chuckling Goat will make you smile

Some time ago, when I fractured my shoulder and was suffering from sleep deprivation and weight gain, my physio sat me down and had a long chat with me. He told me all about Kefir from The Chuckling Goat. Kefir is a fermented milk drink that originated in the north Caucasus Mountains made with kefir “grains”, a yeast/bacterial fermentation starter.

"A Chuckling Goat smelling a daffodil"

When the Russian government noted that the inhabitants of these mountains lived to a very healthy and vigorous old age, they sent an armed party into the mountains to retrieve some of the precious kefir grains used to make this unique microbiotic beverage. Due to the health benefits of kefir, it is now a billion euro industry in Russia and Eastern Europe. Kefir has only recently come to the UK, where it is now available to buy online from Chuckling Goat. (Click here for their website).

Kefir nutrition can benefit both your gut and your skin. More about the skin later. Chuckling Goat’s kefir contains two separate strains of this powerful beneficial bacteria. Researchers have found evidence that lactobacillus can help with intestinal problems, respiratory infections and some skin disorders. Some research suggests that it may even help with weight loss.

"4 bottles of Chuckling Goat Kefir"My Physio wanted me to take it daily as it would balance my gut and reduce my sugar cravings which had reached an all time high as I was sofa-bound at home. I had nothing better to do so I obeyed. You can make your own Kefir however I decided that I would buy my first batch from Chuckling Goat and see how I got on – needless to say I have continued to buy it online as the quality of Chuckling Goat’s Kefir is so good and I really like the taste so I have stuck with them.

The co-founder, Shann Nix Jones, started out in San Francisco as a journalist, radio talk show host and city girl who couldn’t boil an egg. Then she came to Wales, that mythic land of castles, mist and magic. At the age of 41, she fell in love with a Welsh farmer named Rich, and came to live on his beautiful farm by the sea. Life on the farm was quite an adjustment for her, but after a steep learning curve, she came to love it. They bought their first goat in order to help with their son Benji’s bronchial infections. Together Rich and Shann learned to make a probiotic called kefir, to use up their surplus goats milk.

Then Rich contracted a life-threatening superbug infection and, when the doctors couldn’t help him, Shann used their kefir to save Rich’s life. She also learned to put the kefir into skincare, which cured Benji’s eczema. Rich and Shann started their little business Chuckling Goat on the farmhouse kitchen table, offering their handmade kefir and kefir skincare online. Today they have 70 goats, 10 employees and 30,000 happy customers in 28 countries around the world.

So now you want to know if I have benefited from this Kefir drink. Firstly I fractured my shoulder nearly 6 months ago and have only been ill for one day in the interim period and, whilst my weight has not dropped dramatically (7lbs), my stomach has flattened. I stopped taking it for a while and my sugar cravings returned. When I am taking it I feel good, full of energy and my stomach is very settled (no more detail is needed!)

Meanwhile I have recommended the Chuckling Goat skin products to a friend who has severe eczema even at the age of 55 years. She has been blown away by the fantastic results having spent so much money on"a bar of Chuckling Goat Kefir cleanser experts and potions in the past that have not cured her.

There is so much to understand about kefir and I am sure, if you are interested, you will have many questions so click here for the Chuckling goat website to find out more about  what kefir is and why their kefir is so good.

By the way there is a 2 – 4 week wait for a one-off order as I am sure they have so many subscribers who get their kefir delivered every three weeks. So don’t delay finding out more about this healing drink.