Sometimes we need a Colour Refresh to give us an uplift

Over the past couple of years, probably since I let my hair go to its natural colour, I have found myself reaching for richer colours and finding that colours that I once loved do not give me the same feeling anymore. As we get older, we still have to keep breathing new life into our look, whether it is a new haircut, a new make-up or, as I had, an overall colour refresh.

I talked to Melissa Nicholson of Kettlewell Colours one day and explained this to her when she said she thought it was time for me to have a ‘Colour Refresh’. Apparently, it is not unusual for this to happen because as you get older, your hair colour may change, and your skin tone will almost certainly change.

So I visited Kettlewell Colours at their head office in Somerset, where Jo, their in-house colour expert, was able to advise me. I am happy to say that having been a ‘Summer’, I am now a ‘Winter’.

Watch the video below to see it explained in detail.

Following having my colours refreshed by Jo, Melissa, the founder of Kettlewell , went through which of the 300+ colours they stock would suit me. I am a great fan of the Lulu layered top, and interestingly I bought it two years ago in Dark Emerald (as in pic) even though this is a Winter colour – now I know why I instinctively chose it!

It is also super flattering with its soft V-neck, a longer length fitted under-layer and a loose fit over-layer.

I wear it so much, it is always the first item in my holiday suitcase, and it still looks brand new as everything from Kettlewell Colours washes beautifully.

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