It’s Coming Home: It Takes A Lot For A Woman To Admit That She Got It Wrong!

It takes a lot for a woman to admit that she got it wrong. So here goes…..I got it wrong with the World Cup football and as everyone in the whole of England knows we are through to the semi-finals tonight, if you are reading this on Wednesday 11th July, and football is coming home. I didn’t say we were never going to make it this far but what I did get wrong was the euphoria that would grip women across our parched brown and pleasant land. They are compelled to watch the TV for every England match and some other matches too. They are biting their nails down to the quick and pumping the air when the England team score. Finally they are gazing admiringly at the gorgeous Harry Kane, captain and young enough to be our son.

Annabel, Grace and I are all gripped. We chat with each other about it, turn off our computers and phones during matches, and are now equally desperate for the big win. So as I got it so wrong I am handing over to my Other Half and Better Informed (when it comes to football only) and I am letting him lead this week’s CW Comment piece. I will be ‘coming home’ next week with a more sensible topic! Poppy x

Thank you my darling Poppy for letting me into the inner sanctum of CountryWives to write about this most favourite topic of mine and every other man in England….SPORT. I also want to revel in the fact that you admit you got it wrong – this must be a first in nearly 30 years of marriage! So here goes with my maiden ‘post.’

It is Henley Royal Regatta week, a time for Pimms, Boaters, striped, colourful blazers, and for the women, dresses below the knee. Yet even in the sumptuous surrounds of Stewards (the inner sanctum of the Henley Royal Regatta), at 5pm on Saturday, we were treated to a loud and continuing chorus of “Coming home, Coming Home, Football is coming home”.

I asked myself, as I waived my straw trilby in the air, what has caused such emotion?

It must be more than England appearing in the semi-finals of the Football World Cup, although that is certainly something to sing about! It is that long lost sense of pride that comes with home success.

England is the home of soccer. We transitioned soccer, or what the British and many other people around the world call “football,” into the game we know today. However we should only have ever allowed anyone else to play against us providing they let us win. Play hard, even go to penalties but the result is not in question – we win. Alas that was not put into the rules and so we face competition.

Of course everyone is always against us. According to us the refs are biased, Fifa gave us the toughest group and there’s no air conditioning in our players’ changing rooms. Yet in spite of all the adversity, some of which may be imagined on our part, we are in the semi-finals tonight.

Our 3 Lions tee-shirts, last worn in 1990, are being stretched over our somewhat larger frames and our PRIDE has been restored.

However just a reminder of what’s going on around this euphoria; 12 Thai boys and their football coach were trapped in a cave with rising water levels and terrifying conditions but thankfully have been rescued; the British government is imploding with MPs lining up to stab our Prime Minister in the back, two Cabinet ministers have already resigned, and a young women has been murdered by a nerve gas, allegedly delivered to these shores by the Russians.

So Football had better come home on Sunday, or I dread to think what this burst of euphoria will turn into and I for one will be leaving home!

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4 years ago

Understand why the original post was written and had a quiet smile to myself as I was in San Francisco for three weeks and would miss it; football has never figured in my life apart from being entertained by George Best and Rodney Marsh on stage many moons ago and knowing that FA Cup final day was a good time to go shopping.
However, using Lyft in SF many of the drivers were so enthusiastic about the World Cup that I began to see the event in a different way. Coming back to UK I can see that it is different and it is definitely OK to support Gareth Southgate and the England team for at last, we have a Manager to respect and admire and a young and talented team to be proud of.
Having said that, I’m not giving up my theatre tickets for tonight’s performance of Killer Joe booked months ago. Unless… Orlando Bloom pulls out to watch the footie!

4 years ago

Go England Go! You can do it ! I too have had football fever I have so enjoyed it Poppy and being Welsh Rugby is traditionally our national sport but this England team is up there with the best.They are a credit to all little kids growing up loving and playing football and watching their heroes
For me to the other little football team with a massive heart are the Thai boys trapped in the cave and all being brought out safely, What unity the whole operation brought the world together, humanity at its best. So the Wild Boars are World Cup winners too.
Between Football, Wimbledon and the compulsive viewing of the rescue of the Thai boys and the gorgeous weather we have been having I am getting hardly any chores done as I never watch daytime TV it’s too boring, but this summer ‘it’s coming home’ !
So Grace, Annabel, Poppy and all Country Wives enjoy the game against Croatia I will have everything crossed. I will be cheering England on wether they win or lose they are already heroes.
Love Pamela from Wales ‍♀️X

4 years ago
Reply to  Pamela

Oh well – our euphoria is all over but it was great while it lasted. Watch out world in 4 years time!! x