The Corgi bids farewell: a poem by Chrissy Brooks

The Corgi bids farewell: a poem by Chrissy Brooks

Grey clouds descend, folding in on us like an achromatic cloud of dust

Swirling and whirling around our feet.

Raindrops fall like tiny, shimmering pearls, iridescent in the half-light,

Like a physical embodiment of our grief.

Thunder rolls somewhere, far off in the Scottish hills

And through the mist, by the back door

A lone Corgi sits, knowingly, his sense of timing innate.

She is gone, never to return

And as he raises his deep, brown, liquid eyes

A rainbow comes into view.

Shining with a soft, wavering light in tones of silence

Stretched out in hope of an understanding

That in all things, time will pass.

Darkness to light, tears to laughter, sadness to joy.

Memories embedded and precious.

Shaking out his coat, he turns and looks back, behind him, just in case

But seeing her absence, he sniffs the air just once and ventures out alone.

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