Courgette, Lemon & Honey Salad

As I type out this recipe, the sun has disappeared and the sky looks like dirty cotton wool – and now I can hear the tip tap of rain plonking on the Velux window. But hey, nevermind, this Courgette Lemon & Honey Salad is an easy recipe that you need in your repertoire, whatever the mercurial British weather.

It is crunchy, sweet and zesty sharp – the perfect foil to grilled, roasted or barbecued meat or fish. Thrown together in five minutes, it is a healthy, raw side dish. If you like, add in a few toasted almonds or pine nuts for a bit of crunch.

Every time I have served this particular dish, there has been none left in the serving bowl (which I take as the greatest compliment) and at least one of my guests asks me for the magic recipe. So, abracadabra, here it is:


Ingredients serves 4

75 cals per servingCourgette, Lemon & Honey Salad

4 (raw) courgettes (use different coloured ones if you possibly can)
Zest of a lemon, plus 3 tsp juice
Zest of a lime, plus 3 tsp juice
2 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp chopped tarragon (or basil if you prefer)
1 tsp runny honey

How to prepare
Shave the courgettes lengthwise with a potato peeler and put them into a serving bowl. You will get a surprisingly good amount from just 4 courgettes.

Mix the zest and juice the citrus fruit, olive oil, tarragon and honey together in a small bowl and season well.

Drizzle the dressing over the courgettes and toss gently.

Yummy served with Simon Hopkinson’s Perfect Roast Chicken