The Secret Life of Cows by Rosamund Young

The secret life of cows / Don't Miss This / Books / CountryWivesThis is the most delightful and informative book that every country dweller should read. A perfect gift for Xmas (£3.99) for all those people who you don’t know what to give and are thinking a bottle of something or a candle!! Rosamund and her family have been farming cows the natural way in Worcestershire since the 1960’s and all of this knowledge about this bovine creature has been put into one small book with anecdotes that make you laugh out loud.

Alan Bennett is surely right to say in his foreword,

“it’s a book that alters the way one looks at the world, with dumb animals not as dumb as we would like to think. It’s a book that alters the way one sees things and passing a field of cows nowadays I find myself wondering about their friendships and their outlook, notions that before reading Young’s book I would have thought fanciful, even daft. Not any more.”

It certainly makes one think of the milk you are drinking or the beef you are eating and how the cow was reared.