Creamy Comforting Kedgeree

Creamy Comforting Kedgeree

I will freely admit this is a kedgeree for cheats. When you’ve had a hard day, perhaps things haven’t exactly gone to plan, or you’re having hot flushes – you know the sort of thing. Well, this comforting kedgeree can be knocked up in just a few minutes, so it won’t be long before you are sitting down to this warming dish, accompanied by a hearty glass of red perhaps, and pretty soon you will be feeling much better.


Ingredients serves 4

2 packs microwaveable rice

Small pack coriander, finely chopped

4 haddock fillets

Milk (enough to cover fish)

Box quails eggs or 4 organic hens eggs

Large onion, chopped

Tbspn olive oil

Medium curry powder, 2 – 4 tspns according to taste

Black onion seeds (optional)

To prepare/serve

Hard boil eggs and leave to cool before de-shelling. If using hens eggs, quarter them.

Heat oil in deep frying pan and add onion, cooking until soft.

Microwave rice (usually takes 4 mins)

Meanwhile, put haddock into saucepan and cover with milk, bring to a simmer and cook for 5 mins, then leave to cool. De-skin and flake haddock.

Add curry powder to onion, stir and then add heated rice, flaked haddock and coriander. Gently fold in the eggs. Add enough of the milk to make as creamy consistency as you prefer and stir until everything is heated through.

Plop onto warmed plates and get stuck in.


Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 10.54.38You might also like to try our HADDOCK & LEEK KEDGEREE recipe (the photograph is certainly more professional than the one I took in my kitchen for my cheat’s recipe, but they both taste great!)