Small changes, big improvements: give your Home Decor a boost

Sometimes it only takes something simple to make us happy. Could be a big beaming smile from a friend. The uplifting fragrance of flowers. Winning a free lucky dip on the Lottery. Or treating ourselves to something new that won’t break the bank.

As a bit of a home bird, I find that a new item for the house often makes a welcome difference. By that I mean it is easy to take your furnishings for granted – we see them every day and yet don’t see them at all (if you know what I mean!)

So a few hassle-free changes to your home decor will allow you and your family to see familiar rooms in a completely new light, especially welcome after being stuck at home during such a long lockdown.

If the idea of adding a touch of newness appeals, read on. Don’t worry, not going to suggest a makeover like Bojo’s – just a few things I’ve spotted on the internet recently that won’t break the bank.

Give an old sofa a new lease of life

My own sofas are, to be blunt, pretty ancient and knackered. But they are comfortable, capacious and I like them. Plus I cannot afford to replace them. Whatever your particular style or taste, a few new cushions are a brilliant way to transform not only your sofa or chair, but the entire room. My favourite websites are Gaynor Churchward, OKA, MADE and John Lewis.

Add a new wall feature

Mirrors make a space look bigger by their reflective nature, so often a good solution where you want to make an area look less cramped – brilliant in a small loo for example. Dunelm do a huge range of economically priced mirrors.

Oversized clocks Whether you prefer modern and minimalist, distressed industrial or French vintage style, a decorative clock is not only useful for telling the time, it makes a statement. Cox & Cox could be worth checking out.

Get quirky and have a bit of fun with some wall art such as these climbing men from Bentley’s House of Gifts.

Update your furniture or doors

Knobs! Swap boring knobs for something a little more eye catching like these from Not On The High Street, Anthropologie and John Lewis. They will transform a chest of drawers, for example, in a nanosecond.

Something new underfoot

How about a new fringed Berber rug to ring the changes? Could be your sitting room, a bedroom, the hall… This one is from a large selection at La Redoute.

Get switched on…

Replacing tired old lightswitches and sockets can be a satisfying thing to do. I got my satin chrome switches on Amazon and the difference they make to the look of a room far outweighs the minimal outlay.

A new lampshade So many wonderful table lamps online – some ornate, some classical and some, like this one I’ve featured from Made, sleek and modern. MORE INFO

Oh yes. One last thought from me on the home decor front. You don’t even have to buy anything to refresh your home. Simply move your pictures to different walls, change the photos in your frames and try your furniture in different arrangements. Surprising how you suddenly notice and appreciate it all so much more.

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