How to reduce the appearance of sunspots

depigmentation-serumI have now been using VivDerma Depigmentation Serum for three weeks and I am beginning to see a difference in my face. I always approach new products with a certain amount of cynicism, but, so far, I am impressed. I have been a sun worshipper all my life as my face will testify, but my freckles and sunspots really do seem to be fading and my skin feels smooth and soft and definitely looks brighter.

It is quite expensive, but a little goes a long way and, more importantly, it seems to be working!

So, who is behind Vivderma?  Well, it’s renowned consultant dermatologist, Dr Hadi Abushaira. Over the past 30 years he has practised at St. John’s Institute of Dermatology and St. Thomas’ Hospital, dealing with the treatment of skin cancer, psoriasis, acne and the causes of ageing skin. Dr Hadi is also recognised as a Specialist Register in Dermatology by the Medical Council (UK), an honour reserved for highly respected authorities in their field. He has used his vast expertise to produce a clinically inspired range of luxury skin care products. Central to his brand’s ethos is the belief that skincare should deliver both immediate as well as long term results, so you don’t need to use his products for six weeks until you start to see results.

depigmentation-serumThe Depigmentation Serum I have been testing is suitable for all skin types and you just smooth it over clean dry skin before moisturising, day and night.

The only negative for me is the packaging. Even with my specs I found the instructions for use on the box very difficult to read, as did several other people of varying ages whom I asked. There are no other instructions inside the packaging either which compounded the difficulty. On a personal note, one other issue for me, is that I didn’t like the smell of the product, although, having said that, I have got used to it and am happy to put up with it for the end result.

In summary, VivDerma depigmentation serum does exactly what it says on the packaging, if one could read it! I would definitely buy this again.