‘Destination Fabulous’ turns the rules of ageing upside down

Anna Murphy is the renowned Fashion Director of The Times. For years I have been reading her articles and taking her advice. She has now put all that she has learned throughout her career and her life of getting older (she recently turned 50) into one book – Destination Fabulous.

Anna Murphy is all about being yourself and growing old naturally by letting what is within shine out; thus, your age is irrelevant. It’s not about denying the ageing process or attempting to erase its signs. Nor is it about letting everything go, either. It’s about balance – the possible and the present. And it’s about the future you want.

I loved this book I felt I should be punching the air and shouting ‘yes’ at the end of every chapter. I loved chapter 3, Saying Goodbye, Saying Hello. It fed into my inner Buddhist. I am a true amateur to Buddhism, but I am always aspiring. Anna Murphy is an advocate of saying goodbye to your younger self, younger face, and younger body. This is not a bad thing if you embrace the new one. I agree I have no desire to be young again. I love the age I am now. And this chapter is followed by How (And Why) to Live in Joy.

Anna then moves on to your face in the chapter, Embracing Your Face. She is not a proponent of tweaking your face as she has seen how women eventually end up with a strange face rather than a youthful one. She doesn’t judge anyone who goes down this road. However, she does judge society for making us believe wrinkle-free is more lovable.

On the positive side, she names the products for skin and hair that she thinks really work. Anna is a great advocate of face massage and follows the gua sha method, a plectrum of jade that you gently and firmly stroke the skin with. She recommends the ones from Hay’ou Method. And if you like facial massage, follow Katie Brindle on Instagram as she does daily reels showing how to perfect this method.

Anna Murphy also loves the facial oils from Alexander Soveral and Carole Maggio’s Facercise® routine. There is so much to learn from this book in this chapter alone. She goes on to give actual make-up choices and tips. Of course, she cannot advise you on the colours you choose however, she has spoken and learned from some of the best make-up artists in the world how best to enhance an older face.

The chapter on hair is obviously very close to her heart as Anna has recently allowed her hair to go back to its natural colour, which is a gorgeous silver grey. Again she has products for hair that she can highly recommend. She then moves on to the body and, finally, fashion.

Obviously, in the fashion chapter, you could not ask someone more qualified to give their tips and secrets. She lists the women that inspire her, from Iris Apfel to Claire Hornby (founder of Me+Em – one of our favourite fashion brands).

Finally, she discusses family, friendship and romance.

There is so much to learn and enjoy from this book. It would make a great gift for anyone who is panicking about getting older. But even for those who are enjoying these later decades, there are some fabulous tips. The destination that you will finally reach, having read this book, will set you up for the rest of your life.

To purchase Destination Fabulous from Amazon, click HERE.

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1 month ago

This sounds fabulous and just what I need to read, something uplifting and helpful about the ageing process.

Jaye Ravenbrook
Jaye Ravenbrook
1 month ago

It sounds like a wonderful book…and reminds me of one of the funniest, wise women writers ever, whom I mourn as she died a few years back and her loss has – in my humble opinion – made the world a poorer place….the late Nora Ephron, Jewish-American writer, journalist, reporter, film director, daughter, sister, wife & ‘mom’, et al. It is Nora we must thank for the brilliant script and filming of ‘When Harry Met Sally’, amongst others. A clever, intelligent, funny lady. Enrich your reading life ladies, and read some of her collected essays.

Back to Anna’s book, it does sound great, though I wonder if she is preaching to believers — which makes me wonder if perhaps we might better direct these great thoughts and ideas to the men of our generation ?? I’ve done my share of internet dating (after losing my spouse to a greedy younger number) and am an acute observer of others’ relationship successes and failures. Time and again, I have noted that men of our own age and culture, choose to discard us in favour of younger females…and often, of a different race or culture. It saddens and disappoints me when elegant women with personality, education, lived wisdom and experience etc., have so much to offer..