How to deal with dirty dogs in unseasonal wet weather

Normally in the summer months, I am relieved as I can walk my dogs with no fear of them coming home covered in mud, but this year it has been unseasonally wet, so I come home with two very dirty dogs.

How to deal with dirty dogs in unseasonal wet weather
How to deal with dirty dogs in unseasonal wet weather

We all love our dogs, but their hygiene does become overwhelming with the rain and the mud. One walk will require a hose down and a groom afterwards for my Doodles as they, like small children, always find the best puddle to jump into and with all their hair, they end up smelling and looking foul, often cultivating a lot of matted furs.

I love them to pieces, so I must find a solution. First and foremost, I had a hot and cold water hose installed outside to give him a warm hose down when we return from a walk. It is also a good time to check for ticks as the summer months do breed these insects.

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I then use my Dirty Dog Shammy Towel to dry off the excess water like a giant oven glove. But it really does do the job. If they are really wet, then pop them into one of the drying bags from Amazon. Personally, I like the Henry Wag Microfibre Dog Drying Bag.

I have a basket of brushes for my dogs, but the simplest tool, a metal comb, is often the best. First, if their fur is dry, I will spray it with some MATT-X, a de-matter conditioner. Not only does it do the job, but it has a lovely fragrance. I then gently tease any knots or matted hair out with the metal comb.


I occasionally comb through his hair with a Furminator dog de-shedding tool which is the most brilliant invention and keeps Kobi’s fur under control. The first time you use one, it will amaze you how much hair one dog can lose and still look furry! In addition, it helps to prevent matting.

However, do buy the right size tool from Furminator for your dog – they have a comprehensive range, and there are grooming tools for short-haired dogs too.

Finally, if your dog loves rolling in fop poo, my final recommendation is Groomeers De-Fox-It Odour neutraliser spray. It is a pleasant smell and definitely does the job.

Let’s hope the sun starts to dry everywhere out soon.