How to deal with dirty smelly dogs

‘Tis the season for dirty dogs and may I add smelly too! We CountryWives all love our dogs BUT come the winter, with the rain and the mud, their hygiene does become overwhelming. One walk, even on a dry day, will require a hose down and a groom afterwards for my Doodle as he, like a small child, always finds the best puddle to jump into and with all his hair he ends up smelling and looking foul often cultivating a lot of matted fur.


I love him to pieces so it is necessary for me to find a solution. First and foremost I had a hot and cold water hose installed outside so I can give him a warm hose down when we return from a walk.

dirty dogsI then use my Dirty Dog Shammy to dry off the excess water which is like a giant oven glove. I bought this from my local dog wash which is like a car wash but for dogs. For those who live in the Henley-on-Thames area it is The Pet Barn in Blounts Court Road at Sonning Common and costs £6 for a token which is a wash, condition and dry. I often use 2 tokens and get extra drying time as Kobi is so long haired and my other dog, Barney, is old so I like to dry him off completely before putting them both back in the car.

I follow this by combing through his hair with a Furminator dog de-shedding tool which is the most brilliant invention and keeps Kobi’s fur under control. The first time you use one it will amaze you how much hair one dog can lose and still look furry! It helps to prevent the matting however if your dog still gets those then use some dog hair conditioner spray and a tool like a Tangle Teezer as this is kinder to your dog and does not pull their skin. It is important for them to enjoy being groomed and not be put off the whole process.

Click on the Amazon links below to find the products I have mentioned. However do buy the right size tool from Furminator for your dog – they have a comprehensive range and there are grooming tools for short-haired dogs too.