Feeling the warmth for all the wrong reasons!

So I went away for the festive season with BackPacking Granny. We had a blast! Just outside Marbella, where the temperature edged just below 20 degrees each day with a warm breeze. Just what I needed – it was lovely. We took walks each day, chatting endlessly and laughing until we cried and  our cheeks and tummies hurt! Usually about the inane and silly. Brunch and coffee in Puerto Banus, people-watching and Googling the owners of the biggest yachts!!!

discreet pads

BPG had been out already for a week when I arrived. Parties, cocktails and people had all been planned with friends of friends and mutual friends. It was an eclectic mix of people staying for the festivities. A smart and classy Christmas Eve in a jolly restaurant with cocktails at the Marbella Club, then Christmas Day with friends in a hill top house just built for partying – there must have been nearly 30 of us and even Santa paid a visit.

When we returned home around 8pm we watched the usual Christmas TV. Strictly and midwives! But I was starting to feel sniffles 🙁 It was suggested I took a whisky Mac to bed with me. I don’t know what time I woke feeling ill but it was probably around midnight. From then on it became a nightmare 🙁 I don’t know how many times I got up to be ill – I lost count 🙁 Being ill in someone else’s house is horrible! For a start, I was worried about waking everyone. I don’t know if it is possible to retch quietly? Although the whole house was marble and seemed to echo dreadfully it was, thankfully, about half a mile between each bedroom!

I was so violently ill it was exhausting. Nausea and diarrhoea – what do you do? I had 2 basins, a loo and a bidet and think I used them all. At one stage I threw up outside my bedroom window. I lay there dozing between each bout. When I felt sick again I would try and do my yoga breathing to convince myself it would pass. But of course it didn’t and I would have to make another frantic dash to the bathroom (luckily en-suite). Eventually I reached (or should I say retched) until that point where there is only bile (apologies if this is too much info). I was just exhausted with so very little sleep. Despite having a maid, I cleared up all the mess – far too embarrassed to leave it!

discreet pads

I felt so wretched – nothing to do with Christmas Day indulgence because I had been very restrained. It felt like the start of flu with the full body aches and pains. At one stage all I wanted to do was get home – I was Googling flights and working out in my fuddled mind how to get home – I wanted my own bed – I wanted my mum 🙁

The next day we had 30 for lunch. I could barely get out of bed, apart from the overwhelming tiredness I ached all over. I stayed in bed all morning feeling bad I wasn’t able to help out but, in truth, all the cooking and preparations had taken place in the preceding days. As people, arrived at 2pm I dragged myself to the shower, noticing my cheery Xmas pj’s soaking in the bath! Well I put in an appearance but I was hardly the life and soul. I drank water all day and finally had 2 slices of gammon at 6pm. So much for overindulging at Xmas.

I did have a super super time but the sniffles develop into a full blown cold with the most horrendous cough. I sound like I have a 40 a day habit. But what is worse is that with the cough come the “oops” moments! I turn to BPG for advice – she says pads! So much for the adverts saying you can do anything in these discreet items – I feel like I am walking like John Wayne. But it cannot be worse than walking around the supermarket (luckily in dark trousers and a long coat) coughing and peeing for all I’m worth and feeling like a very very old lady! 2017 can only get better – I’m padded out and prepared…