Bet You’re Missing Your Hairdresser! Check Out These DIY Hair Tips

I’ve heard all sorts of rumours about when hair salons might re-open. And even when the salon doors are unlocked, appointments are going to be like gold dust! So, with this in mind, it looks like we are going to need all the DIY hair tips we can get as lockdown rumbles on…

Whether your hair is straight, curly, long, short, fine or thick, I hope you will find these few ideas helpful during these hairdresser-less times we find ourselves in.


If you have a layered short to medium length cut and it’s going out of shape, my hairdresser Lucy advises that it’s best not to try and cut your own hair. Especially if you are self-isolating and have no-one to help you. Generally our hair only grows about ½” a month, but that’s a lot over a few months, so understandably you may be tempted to get the kitchen scissors out – but don’t. Better to use a sharp pair of nail scissors – the smaller the blades, the smaller the mistake. If you can’t resist there are plenty of hairdressing scissors available on Amazon.

To trim long straight hair, watch this video.

Quick video on how to trim long hair

For the men in your household, have a go at the edges/sideburns and back of the neck. If these are kept tidy you will be amazed how long you can leave the rest.


However, if you happen to have a fringe, that is easy to trim. This video shows you how.


Marvellous-Mother-In-Law has invested in a padded headband for those bad hair days (which during lockdown seem to be every day for most of us!). A headband keeps your hair under some sort of control, so can be both useful and stylish. If you have a narrow scarf, that can also work well as a headband as demonstrated in this photograph.

These Liberty print Alice bands (that’s a name that brings back memories of school to me) are handmade and available on Etsy for a very reasonable £13 each. MORE INFO


If you are lucky enough to have longer hair, you can of course deploy the very speedy solution of wearing it up. An instant solution to messy hair – whether you choose a high ponytail or one at the nape of your neck. Either way, a scrunchie will keep your locks in place. Anthropologie is a good source of pretty ones. MORE INFO


My hairdresser also says that online highlighting kits can leave your hair in poor condition. Also it would be very difficult to try to match to your existing highlight colours. Josh Wood, the famous colourist, agrees: “Use this time to focus on the health and condition of your hair and let the pros handle your highlights when they return to work.”

Instead, treat your hair to weekly pampering sessions with the Everything Mask which is designed to prolong your colour and deeply condition, hydrate and protect the health of your hair.


However, there is a temporary highlighting solution if, like me, you are suffering from an “overlarge parting.” It’s John Frieda’s Root Blur. As you can see from the photographs below, my dark roots are definitely on show. But after brushing on some fake highlights, I feel presentable again. Not as good as the hairdresser, but needs must during this pandemic. MORE INFO

HANDY TIP: Found it’s even easier to apply Root Blur fake highlights when I’ve just washed my hair and put my sticky rollers in as they keep my hair taut. And talking sticky rollers they help disguise my ever widening dark parting by lifting my hair. Good selection of vented Velcro rollers available here.

Sally has been using John Frieda’s Go Blonder, a controlled lightening spray. “I have naturally light brown hair and strawberry blonde highlights – this product is perfect for me. As it contains hydrogen peroxide it is a permanent colour. You use it on damp hair and it gradually bleaches your hair after 3 – 5 uses.” £6.99 from FeelUnique


If you’re a brunette, try Josh Wood’s Root Smudger. You get instant coverage and it’s easy to apply. Use it on dry or damp hair and it will keep those roots looking great for up to three washes. MORE INFO If you would like a more permanent solution, read Annabel’s post on getting rid of the grey.


Violet Crush purple shampoo for blondes. Yes, this shampoo is a vivid purple in colour and smells deliciously of crushed violets (one of my all time fave fragrances). Neutralises unwanted brassy tones. Not sure if I have any (probably have!) but am happily using this shampoo as it can only help my hair colour – and, at the moment, I am grabbing any assistance I can! Brilliant packaging ie easy open/dispense if, like me, you wash your hair in the shower. Lathers beautifully (I know we are not supposed to use lathering shampoos but I just cannot help myself), is moisturising and, of course, there’s that wonderful fragrance wafting around afterwards…


  1. thank you for all your helpful tips for curing our bad hair days As I have recently moved to a McCarthy & Stone retirement flat I watched the demo and more on FB I’m glad to say our manager is going to organize a hairdresser to come to our complex and cut our hair as 3 other ladies also need a hair cut too. I did a little trim which helped a bit. I colour my hair normally but do like the root smudger you recommend so thinking of ordering that.

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